Part 5: North Carolina – What Will the Tarheels Do in 2020?

On the first day of early voting, 230,000 people In North Carolina voted. COVID-19 is the most important issue in this cycle.

As of October 31, 2020, the ballots cast in North Carolina are telling about the shape of the election this year, and today is the final day of early voting. Counting early votes can begin before election day, mail-in ballots must be postmarked by October 3, but all properly cast ballots will be counted if received by October 12.

Like in Florida, North Carolina registers voters by party, but the Tarheels can enjoy same-day registration. As of October 31, the early votes by party breakdown like this:

Democrat:     1,633,774

Republican:   1,378,537

No AFF:         1,310,505

Libertarian:          18,905

Constitution:         1,946

Green:                  1,760

Total               4,345,427

And a noteworthy point to consider is that all of these parties do have a candidate on the ballot in North Carolina.

As of October 28, 55 percent of registered voters ages 45-59 have already voted, as well as a surprising 68 percent of those over age 60. More than half of registered Republicans and Democrats have already voted, and there were still three days left to vote early.

Anyhow, North Carolina, by the numbers: 15 Electoral College votes:

2019 POPULATION: 10,488,084

Veterans: 667,696

Female: 51.4%

Bachelor’s degree or higher: 30.5%

People under age 65; no health insurance: 13.4

Households where English is a second language: 11.6

Foreign-Born residents: 7.9%

African American 22%

Hispanic or Latino: 9.8%

In addition, between 2016 and 2020, North Carolina has registered an additional 1.1 MILLION people. Where did they come from?

Well, 6.3 percent came from New York, 2.8 percent came from Florida, 2.5 percent came from California, and 2.5 percent came from New Jersey. Five percent of them are of Hispanic origin and 2 percent are of Asian origin.

Interestingly, 30 percent of newly registered people of Hispanic descent are between the ages of 18-25.

But I wanted to look at more than parties and new registrations. So, I’ll go back and see what else I can learn about those who already voted by:


Female: 2,232,082
Male      1,773,149
Other       602,590


African American:     843,417
White:                    2,899,420
Other                        602,590

In Person             3,437,684

Civilian                    885,873

Military                        8,189

Overseas                  13,681

Now that I am blinded by listing numbers, I want to see how North Carolina votes.

All 100 counties use either hand-marked paper ballots or ballot marking devices that produce a paper ballot that can serve as a record, if needed.

They have strong audit procedures, but voting machines are designed to communicate, so they should not think they can’t be hacked because they are not connected to the internet.

“Sample Audit: The sample audit count is a test to ensure voting equipment read the voter’s choices accurately. It compares the machine counts with hand-to-eye counts conducted by elections officials in randomly selected voting sites. The sample audit count is open to the public and is completed before the canvass.”

So now that I have some current information about North Carolina, I should be able to post it to my predictions map but it won’t be easy to call.

All I have remaining (that I can do before Tuesday) is Texas and the grand finale … The MAP. None of them are easy, but I’m getting one hell of an education.

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