Why I’m Running

Virginia is in trouble. For many, many reasons.

During my time as a writer at Bearing Drift, I have warned about the increasing partisan divide, the fading relevance of the Republican Party in Virginia, and the problems of leadership in our Commonwealth. I have tried to provide a Millennial perspective and insight into a corner of the GOP that tends to be overlooked or flat-out ignored. 

In my Grand New Podcast with contributor Matt Colt Hall, I conceived a platform not only for movers and shakers in politics today, but also as a platform to just talk to each other again – no matter which side of the political aisle. From Denver Riggleman to Cameron Webb, from Rob Wittman to Qasim Rashid – all are welcome in order to move the dialogue and the Commonwealth forward.

That has always been part of the mission here at Bearing Drift – and I am so very lucky to have this platform to continue to contribute to this necessary mission. But lately, I have realized that I have to do more to change the narrative in Virginia.

That is why I am announcing I am running for the House of Delegates.

There is simply too much at stake. Besides my role as a blogger and podcast host, I am a teacher. As a teacher in Northern Virginia, I know how hard the circumstances of our world around us have affected our children and our families adjusting to their new roles at home. COVID-19 has impacted at-risk children in our school systems the most, making it harder for an equitable education. 

As a homeowner and resident in Manassas, I know the cost of living keeps getting higher. Virginia ranked recently as 31st in affordability.  More people are moving out than moving in.  

In Northern Virginia, making 70 grand a year is just making ends meet. In fact, it’s considered floating around the poverty line. It’s getting harder to find work, especially where I live, in the 50th District. 

Parents have to choose between paying for daycare, and saving for their child’s future. Unrest and division are being met with unrealistic solutions … unrealistic solutions proposed by my representative in Richmond, Lee Carter.  

Lee is a deeply unserious person for office – one who proposes spite policies and governs using Bernie Sanders Subreddit talking points.  These solutions do not make the economy stronger, our neighbors safer, or the schools better. We are on the precipice as a Commonwealth. 

This is not going to be a campaign of simply Red vs. Blue, or who can own who on Twitter. This is going to be a campaign for all who want to roll their sleeves up and do the work, not just talk or tweet about it. It’s time we take Richmond to school.

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