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Election 2020: Latest Polls

With three weeks left until Election Day, here’s a look at the latest round of Sunday and Monday polls for presidential and Congressional candidates….

From CBS News/YouGov…

General Election:

Joe Biden (D): 54% (up 5 points since Sept.)
Donald Trump (R): 42% (down 1 point since Sept.)


Joe Biden: 52% (up 4 points since Sept.)
Donald Trump: 46% (up 4 points since Sept.)


Joe Biden: 52%
Donald Trump: 46%


Joe Biden: 49%
Donald Trump: 49%

Iowa U.S. Senate:

Theresa Greenfield (D): 47%
Joni Ernst (R): 43%

From Trafalgar Group (R)…

Arizona U.S. Senate:

Mark Kelly (D): 47%
Martha McSally (R): 45%

From ABC News/Washington Post poll…

General Election:

Joe Biden: 55%
Donald Trump: 43%

Trump Job Approval:

Disapprove: 55%
Approve 45%

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3.