Kenney: ‘I Love the United States and I Love the United States Constitution…’

Been a long time since we heard a public figure announce their love for America and our Constitution, hasn’t it?

Let’s start with the most obvious point to be made as we lean into the final stretch of the election season and towards Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s senate confirmation hearings on October 12th:

Facts are, the more the left (and the press) does their homework? The more decent and kind Barrett becomes.

Of course, the jokes keep coming:

One does have to wonder whether or not ACB would have earned President Trump’s nod if Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) had not upbraided her during a senate confirmation hearing for her Catholic faith.

Yet for those of us who were patiently waiting for a true replacement to the late Justice Antonin Scalia? Our faith is rewarded:

I clerked for Justice Scalia more than 20 years ago, but the lessons I learned still resonate. His judicial philosophy is mine, too. A judge must apply the law as written. Judges are not policymakers, and they must be resolute in setting aside any policy views they might hold.

Most of us understand that the U.S. Supreme Court has been a 2-4-3 institution, not a 5-4 institution. Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh both clerked under Justice Kennedy — no friend to conservatives — while Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Breyer have been moderate at best. This left the trio of Ginsberg, Kagan and Sotomayor on the left wing, while Alito and Thomas anchored the right.

For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth on the left? Instead of a 2-4-3 court we will now have a 3-4-2 court. That seems rather balanced, don’t you think?

Either way, Democrats now find themselves on the horns of a dilemma. Barrett is practically baiting Senate Democrats to attack her in a confirmation process where Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) surely has the votes. Do they make the next six weeks a referendum on Barrett? Or Trump?

Meanwhile, the first presidential debates will go live on September 29th — an event that the Biden campaign flirted with avoiding before they realized public pressure would be overwhelmingly negative.

Between the impact of the BLM/Antifa riots, flirting with not having debates, and the intense handwringing over ACB replacing RBG? For a campaign crowing over a mere 1.8% lead in battleground states, Biden’s campaign sure is running as if they are on the back foot.

One addendum. Isn’t it interesting how we always talk about Biden through the lens of his handlers and never the candidate himself?

Such are the times.

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