Baldwin: Amanda Chase … Republican?

By Jerry Baldwin

Why does Amanda Chase keep saying she is running for governor as a Republican?

First, she is not a member of any Republican organization. She is not a member of the only local Republican Committee that she could be a member of (the Chesterfield County Republican Committee), and she left that organization by her own doing even when she was offered a way to remedy her actions.

Second, she is not a member of the Republican Caucus in the Senate of Virginia.

Amanda Chase has rejected the Republican Party and is NO LONGER a Republican, yet she claims to be one when she thinks it will benefit her.

Chase is a populist candidate with absolutely no party affiliation who is attempting to hijack the Republican name for her own glorification. She will not be the Republican nominee; she cannot win the Republican Party nomination, and she cannot beat any candidate on the other side of the aisle.

Her bid for Governor is simply a narcissistic attempt to self promote, and people who know her see right through her. She preys on those who don’t know her … who don’t realize how she mischaracterizes things in order to paint herself in the best possible light.

I think it’s sad, really. Her actions are deceitful, and once people get to know her they not only reject her, but it leaves a bad taste in their mouth for other candidates who really are Republicans.

As I’ve said previously, her candidacy only serves to do further harm to any other Republican on next year’s ballot, and in the meantime it’s harming candidates on this year’s ballot.

Jerry Baldwin is former chairman of the Chesterfield County Republican Committee.

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