Eric Cantor, Dave Brat, and Other Virginia Conservatives Join Forces for Freitas Finance Team

In an unprecedented move of Republican unity, former U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, former Congressman Dave Brat, and conservatives across the Commonwealth have joined together to form Delegate Nick Freitas’ Finance Committee. Freitas is running for the House of Representatives against well-funded incumbent Democrat Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger. Spanberger is currently running for her second term.

A press release announced the news:

Culpeper, VA – Today, Green Beret combat veteran Nick Freitas announced the endorsement of former House Majority Leader and Virginia’s 7th District Representative Eric Cantor and the formation of his Virginia Finance Committee, which former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has also joined.

Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor released the following statement in making his endorsement:

“Nick Freitas has spent his life in service to others and to our nation. I know that Nick will put the people of Central Virginia first as our next representative and I am proud to endorse his candidacy.”

Today’s announcement of Green Beret Nick Freitas’ Virginia Finance Committee follows the recent announcement by the NRCC and GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy that Nick has been named a 2020 NRCC Young Gun, the top tier of Republican candidates nationwide. To be named a Young Gun, you have to meet several stages of stringent goals for your fundraising from the day you announce your candidacy and go through the NRCC vetting process, among other requirements. Nick is one of only two Republicans in Virginia to be named a 2020 NRCC Young Gun.

Eric Cantor, Former Member of Congress, VA-07; Former House Majority Leader

Bob McDonnell, Former Virginia Governor

Richard Cullen, Former Virginia Attorney General

Jerry Kilgore, Former Virginia Attorney General

Tom Bliley, Former Member of Congress, VA-07

Dave Brat, Former Member of Congress, VA-07

Kirk Cox, Former Virginia Speaker

Bill Howell, Former Virginia Speaker

Siobhan Dunnavant, Virginia Senator

Mark Peake, Virginia Senator

Bryce Reeves, Virginia Senator

Rob Bell, Virginia Delegate

Roxann Robinson, Virginia Delegate

Nick Rush, Virginia Delegate

Mike Webert, Virginia Delegate

Peter Farrell, Former Virginia Delegate

Manoli Loupassi, Former Virginia Delegate

Duane Adams, Louisa County Supervisor

Pat Herrity, Fairfax County Supervisor

Morton Blackwell, RNC National Committeeman

John Adams, ’17 GOP Nominee for Attorney General

Puneet Ahluwalia

Maggie Cleary

Kevin Gentry

Roger Kube

Ed Matricardi

Susan Ralston

Pete Snyder

Can I just start by saying isn’t it nice to have a bit of Republican unity for once?

For once, we aren’t fighting each other at every turn. The entire conservative movement in Virginia realizes that past partisan bickering will not help win this race. Past wounds of primary fights are beginning to heal. Finally, for once in the conservative movement in Virginia, we are doing what we should be doing all along, which is taking the fight to the Democrats.

Now I am incredibly impressed to see so many powerful names on this list, do not get me wrong. Delegate Rob Bell, who is a fantastic Delegate, is a human ATM machine when it comes to raising campaign cash. There are three people on this list who are considering a statewide run for either Governor or Lieutenant Governor. There are Republicans from all factions of the Republican Party of Virginia on this list.

However, I will say it again, the most important names on this list are that of Leader Cantor and Congressman Brat. The wounds of that primary are still felt, to this day, by many in the Republican Party of Virginia. People still cannot seem to get past this, myself included. This move, to come together, showing that every Republican in Virginia is committed to elect Nick Freitas to the United States House of Representatives, is so unprecedented.

Delegate Freitas and Congresswoman Spanberger will be the Virginia race to watch this year. Continue to visit to keep up to date on this race.

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