Rich Anderson for RPV Chair

The Republican Party of Virginia has not held statewide office in ten years. The House of Delegates has fallen. So has the Senate. “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” was once thundered in the City of Richmond. Now, in Virginia, Liberty has died under an overreaching, bigoted Governor with an opposing party too polite to stop him. The Republican Party of Virginia is too focused on cannibalizing its own, and making excuses for losses rather than doing something about it. A message is missing. Unity is too. Something desperately needs to be done
this late in the 4th quarter. It’s time for Rich Anderson to man the cockpit one more time.

I have gotten to know Rich over the past few months. He is a warm, decent man passionate about the people of Virginia and the Republican Party. He is frustrated like most of us about our losses at the State and Federal level and has a plan to do something about it. Now, these losses are not Jack Wilson’s fault. This decline has been happening over the course of a decade, and is a result of petty infighting, shrinking bases, and lack of vision. The will to live and fight is faint, and has been faint for a while now. The Republican Party cannot be competitive by allowing candidates to oust legitimate ones, offering an exclusionary platform, and ignoring young people and voters of color. Rich Anderson gets this.

Virginia is on the precipice of becoming New Jersey politically. With no Chris Christie to stand in its way. This is a unique time that calls for proven leadership. Rich has spent over 30 years in the military as an Air Force Colonel and 8 years fighting in Richmond as a Delegate from Prince William. He is a proud SouthWest Virginia native, who has never forgotten his roots. Rich understands that the GOP has to know how to appeal in Roanoke as well as Manassas in order to win. A winning message brings together NoVA with RoVA. We are in a war for the soul of our State. Our party is up against the verge of political extinction. Rich is the right commander to lead this operation, on the ground and across the airwaves.

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