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Former Lt. Gov. John Hager Endorses Jack Wilson for RPV Chairman

Former Virginia Lt. Governor and former Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Hager has endorsed RPV Chair Jack Wilson for reelection at the party’s convention on August 15:

“Jack Wilson is a fighter for our conservative values who understands the absolute need to grow the party without surrendering the moral high ground. As a former RPV chairman and someone who knows the value of grassroots campaigning, leadership and volunteers aren’t something you can just run out and purchase. They have to be built.

“Jack knows the value of hard work and leadership when it comes to restoring Republican fortunes in Virginia. That is why he has my support for RPV Chairman on August 15th and I hope he will have yours as well.”

— Lt. Governor John Hager
Former Chairman, Republican Party of Virginia

Jack Wilson noted, “If you know John Hager, then you have met a profile in courage. Few leaders in Virginia have done more work for the Republican Party as an institution than John, and I am honored to know he is supporting my campaign for RPV Chairman.”

The Republican Party of Virginia will hold an Unassembled Convention on Saturday, August 15, from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at polling locations in each of the Congressional Districts.