I Need Your Help … Let’s Draft Bill Bolling for Governor!

I was thinking about something my most fabulous editor, Lynn Mitchell, said during our first Bearing Drift Town Hall with Virginia Free and Chris Saxman.

We were talking about rumors and hopes of who might run for Governor, and she mentioned former Lt. Governor Bill Bolling. I think that is a great suggestion, so…

Dear Mr. Bolling,

I honestly believe everything happens for a reason, even in 2013. But 2013 is in the past, and our Commonwealth needs your intelligent, level-headed, calm demeanor now, more than ever.

I have no doubt that you’re a decisive man, but I also understand you are also happily married. I’m sure you want to stay that way. So, could you please ask Mrs. Bolling … if she wouldn’t be too unnerved … if you were to run for Governor of Virginia in 2021?

Please tell her, for all of the rational center-right folks in Virginia. Please?

Virginia needs you both.

When considering Bill Bolling, these accomplishments and leadership abilities come to mind and would be relevant today:

  • Proven winner. Bill Bolling has run nine campaigns, including four statewide primary and general election campaigns, and never lost. He carried Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William counties in 2009. He won big in Henrico, Chesterfield, Virginia Beach, and Chesterfield, and had well over 65 percent of the vote in rural Virginia.
  • Consistent Conservative. He has consistently stood for conservative values (as indicated by key tie-breaking votes), but presented them with a smile and in a way that drew people to the Republican Party, as opposed to driving them away.
  • Bipartisan Problem Solver. Has worked with Republicans and Democrats to win a number of important legislative victories.
  • Party Builder. He has the ability to reach out to the changing face of Virginia, and is viewed as a pragmatic leader who can help build the Republican coalition. He would be well received by the media, not made fun of.
  • Unmatched Experience: four years in local government, ten years in the State Senate. Two terms as Lieutenant Governor.  Served as the state’s Chief Jobs Creation Officer under Governor Bob McDonnell. Business leader, and now someone who is dedicated to teaching young people about how government is supposed to work.
  • Visionary. Proposed “100 Ideas for the Future of Virginia” which is just what we need to show people that Republicans can win, lead, unite to get things done.

The day after the webinar, a young Republican started a petition to Draft Bill Bolling. I appreciate someone saving me the time. So give it a sign, pass the word, and help us Draft Bill!

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