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John Fredericks Endorses Jack Wilson for RPV Chairman

Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Jack Wilson shared some important endorsement news.

Virginia’s Trump co-chair and Make Virginia Great Again PAC chairman John Fredericks just landed us a major vote of confidence with his endorsement:

“You didn’t take a side, you were always fair… every time we had something we came to you, you were fair and I respect that. But I’ll tell you what.  Going forward, I don’t think we need a change right now.  So I am unequivocally going to – right now – endorse Jack Wilson for Republican Party of Virginia Chairman.”

— John Fredericks, Make Virginia Great Again (MVGA) PAC, John Fredericks Radio Show (10 July 2020)

Our numbers right now look excellent.  Thousands of Virginia Republicans are letting me know that we need to be adding voices to our ranks – not pushing them away.

You can listen to my radio interview by clicking on the graphic above. John and I had a great time, and you know that Fredericks is one of us when it comes to re-electing Donald Trump to the White House in 2020.