United Republicans of Shenandoah County: John Massoud, the Transplant from Arlington Candidate with Arlington Values

By United Republicans of Shenandoah County

Do we want someone from the 6th District who has the support of the anti-gun, pro-abortion, pro-environmental lobby to lead the 6th District Republican Committee? If you vote for John Massoud, you will be supporting that agenda.

Apparently Massoud has been preaching the good news of conservatism since he decided to move from Arlington to Strasburg. However, it seems that his new-found conservatism is a bit opportunistic, disingenuous, and even reeking of desperation.

This was true when Massoud ran for public office in Arlington. A recent Washington Post article has surfaced from one of his many failed campaigns for the Virginia House of Delegates that states that John Massoud was a “pro-choice candidate.” Is that the leadership you want? A 6th District GOP Chairman who agrees not only with the liberal Arlington Democrats that life only begins after birth, BUT ACTUALLY CAMPAIGNED ON IT?

The article stated:

“All three would-be delegates [including Massoud] reflect the area’s moderate bent. Each supports a woman’s right to have an abortion.” [emphasis added]

To top it off, that same article also stated that John Massoud considered himself to be an “environmentalist.” Given the far-left political leanings of the area he was running in, we can only assume that Massoud’s ideology would be more in-line with an AOC “Green New Deal,” which would destroy our very way of life. We can only assume that his position on this issue would put thousands of Virginia workers in the energy sector out of work and cause our monthly electric bills to skyrocket, yet he was perfectly fine with this position while trying to get elected in Arlington.

Don’t believe any of it so far? Read the full article HERE.

But, it gets worse….

We have seen it for years now, millions of outside dollars have poured into Virginia to help liberals take away our 2nd Amendment Rights, with devastating results. Mike Bloomberg and other national anti-gun lobby Democrats have made it their mission to strip away our Constitutional right to bear arms, and have given money to the likes of Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis and other candidates who support gun control.

In fact, recently Mike Bloomberg and others celebrated the extreme gun control measures that the Democratically-controlled Virginia General Assembly passed into law. Now, new information has surfaced that shows John Massoud has a history of supporting the same pro-gun control candidates that have been bankrolled by Mike Bloomberg and the anti-gun movement!

Massoud has supported people like:

1. Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis who was backed by gun-grabbing Mike Bloomberg. Read the article HERE; and,

2. Current Democrat Secretary of Public Safety Brian Moran, also a former LIBERAL MASSACHUSETTS DEMOCRAT DELEGATE FROM ALEXANDRIA.

Is that the type of leadership you want leading the 6th District Republican Committee? A man who shares the same values of Mike Bloomberg, Secretary Brian Moran, and Governor Ralph Northam?


Massoud is Vice President of M&R Taxi Company (as seen above in VPAP donor report), doing business as Blue Top Cab, in Northern Virginia.

We all can agree that Donald J. Trump has made great strides to put laws and conservative judges in place to protect our conservative values. And yet, his efforts to Make America Great Again are constantly under attack, even from other “Republicans.”

How does former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina feel about President Trump? Well, she’s voting for Biden in November (read more HERE). Yes, Carly Fiorina, the former 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate, is now a Joe Biden supporter who has spent YEARS criticizing the President at every turn. Want to know who one of her biggest supporters over the past several years has been? John Massoud.

Massoud was an early and huge supporter of Carly Fiorina, and from his own mouth, he had previously said, “I ran Carly Fiorina for President in CD 6.” Which begs the question, does Massoud agree with his chosen 2016 candidate for President? Does he share these views? Will he fight to get President Trump re-elected, or will he be more like his idol Carly Fiorina? How can John Massoud accurately represent us if he won’t support the President?

Don’t believe it? Read it HERE.

The choice this Saturday at the drive-through 6th District Convention, to take place from 9am-3pm at the Thomas Road Baptist in Lynchburg, could not be more clear.

John Massoud is the ARLINGTON candidate who has Arlington “values” … we can tell you that Harrisonburg and Lynchburg represent the values of Virginia more than Arlington liberals.

Jennifer Brown is the true Conservative, and she should continue to be our Republican Chair in the 6th District.

See also by United Republicans of Shenandoah County: John Massoud, Reinvented.

The United Republicans of Shenandoah County represent volunteers and activists with more than 100 years of combined experience working for Republican and conservative causes, both in the grassroots and as paid professionals. 

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