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Turner: New Kent Youth Republicans Celebrate America’s Birthday

By Thomas Turner 

The New Kent Youth Republicans, a group of high school aged student activists, hosted a project for the residents of New Kent County. Their project was to celebrate the birth of our nation and our great flag! They purchased lots of American flags and distributed them to residents in New Kent County. According to Chairman Brady Hillis, this event was started by former Delegate Chris Peace. Hillis said that Delegate Peace, “distributed thousands of signs across New Kent for the Fourth of July.” 

The New Kent Youth Republicans decided to carry on his tradition. Hillis noted that, “This is a great way to get our youth involved and help them feel proud of our great nation. The New Kent Youth Republicans wanted to make residents in New Kent feel patriotic and proud of their great nation on this 4th of July.” 

Over the past few months, the Commonwealth has seen the formation of several new Teenage Republican (TARS) Groups, who have formed and began engaging students and voters in their communities. This group has personally invested their time, effort, and personal resources into this project, which they carried out with the help of their local Republican Women’s Club. 

As a statewide leader and long-time member of the Republican Party, I am continually impressed with the New Kent Youth Republicans. They have always stepped up, without being asked, to support our country and beliefs. The future of the Republican Party is bright with these teenagers conservatives leading the charge in their community. 

My Federation and I are looking forward to supporting the formation and growth of the New Kent Youth Republicans and other TARs chapters across the Commonwealth. Three cheers for Chairman Brady Hillis and the New Kent Youth Republicans! If you, like me, believe in supporting the future of our Party, please support their efforts and the efforts of TARs around Virginia. 

Thomas Turner is the State Chairman of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia, Immediate Past Chairman and Founder of the Western Tidewater Young Republicans, past Vice Chairman of the Suffolk GOP, and former Secretary of 3rd District Committee.