Hazekamp: PWC Chair Candidate Threatens Party Nominee Over Lack of Support – UPDATED

By Ben Hazekamp

UPDATE: “Congratulations to Tim Parrish the new Chairman of the Prince William County Republican Committee. Thank you to everyone who volunteered at our “Unassembled Convention” and to those who came out to vote. A special thank you to Carol Czarkowski and William Johnston for stepping up to the plate to run.”

In the run-up to the Prince William County Convention tomorrow, Saturday, June 27th, the three-person race to choose a new Chairman has largely been quiet. Most insiders believe Tim Parrish to be the favorite, but crazy things can happen at a convention.

Crazy things can also happen during a convention campaign – like a candidate for Chairman threatening to sue the local Young Republican chapter for not interviewing her. If that wasn’t crazy enough, the same candidate sent threats over text message to the campaign of Aliscia Andrews, our party’s nominee for the 10th District to take on Democrat Jennifer Wexton.

Carol Czarkowski, longtime volunteer in Prince William County, has been running for chairman against Tim Parrish and William Johnstone.

Earlier this month, Young Republicans interviewed Parrish (a dues-paying member of the PWAYRs) as a part of their campaign to introduce Young Republican candidates and talk about the issues they are working on.

Czarkowski then contacted the Chairman of the YRs, Rob Anderson, demanding “equal time” for her candidacy. She also threatened to sue the Young Republicans if she didn’t get that time. It’s not the only time Czarkowski flipped out when seeing her opponent get support.

After Parrish was endorsed by Aliscia Andrews, her campaign manager received an interesting text message. Like the YR Chairman, it was from Czarkowski, upset about not receiving their support.

Wrote Carol in a text, “I’m not sure which of you decided to send a text this evening with Aliscia Andrews Candidate for Congress endorsing Tim Parrish for Chair PWCRC, but that was a BIG MISTAKE since I’m a candidate for Chair PWCRC & I live in 10th CD & I’m very active in Gainesville MD”

After delivering the equivalent of, “Don’t you know who I am?”, she then doubled-down on another threat: “How are you going to correct this wrong you have done before election on Sat, 6/27/20?”

Prince William County Republicans have a choice to make tomorrow. One option on the ballot is a candidate for Chairman who has threatened to sue auxiliary clubs in a tantrum and then threatened our party’s nominee for Congress. It goes without saying, this isn’t the way you build a party and built support, ahead of a critical election this November.

Threatening your own voters, volunteers, and nominees is never the answer. Fear and wrath only produce volunteer fatigue and dejection. If we want to win elections again in Prince William County, this is not the way.

Ben Hazekamp is a former Prince William Area Young Republicans Chair and the current National Committeeman for the Young Republican Federation of Virginia, as well as a longtime Republican Party member and volunteer in Prince William County.

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