Chair Jennifer Brown Receives Reelection Support for Upcoming 6th GOP Congressional District Convention

Jennifer Brown has been busy during her two years as chairwoman of the 6th GOP Congressional District. As she campaigns for reelection, she has picked up important support from the home county of her opponent.

Kathy Black, Commissioner of the Revenue in Shenandoah County, strongly endorsed Jennifer in a letter that went out to delegates who have registered for the July 11 convention:

“Jennifer is my friend and ally.  She supported my run for a sixth term as the Shenandoah County Commissioner of the Revenue during the most contentious, stressful and poorly attended county convention I have ever participated in. This convention was organized by Randy Gilbert, Chair and John Massoud, Vice Chair.

“I have lived in Shenandoah County for thirty-five years. In the short time that John Massoud, Randy Gilbert, Karen Kwiatkowski and others have been here, the Republican Committee has lost its original purpose and tenor. Now the Committee is about bullying and intimidation if you do not toe their line.

“Many original members who are hard-working volunteers left the Committee because they could no longer tolerate the slanderous accusations and threats of political retribution.  Shenandoah County no longer has solid Republican representation at the local levels because the current Committee leadership has done nothing to recruit conservative candidates in the last several local election cycles.

“Jennifer has always offered her assistance to me whenever I felt a need.  It has been reassuring to have her strength and support behind me, especially when my own position was being threatened during my last election.

“Chairwoman Jennifer continues to help Republican candidates win to make sure that the 6th District stays RED.  This is why I know that Jennifer has put together a strong team to lead the 6th District through the upcoming election cycles.  She fully understands what we as conservative Virginians have lost and what we could additionally lose.  She values all Republican voters, knowing full well we need as many voters as possible to defeat the liberal agenda.”

Jennifer also urged delegates to vote for Chairman Brown’s entire team:

“If you love Virginia and the 6th District as much as I do, please vote with me for the following candidates on July 11:

Jennifer M. Brown, Chair
Dan Cullers, Northern Region Vice Chair
Dwight Williams, Central Region Vice Chair
Tori Mabry, Southern Region Vice Chair
Kaylene Seigle, State Central Committee Representative
Jeff Rowe, State Central Committee Representative
Brian Triplett, State Central Committee Representative”

The 6th District convention will be held on July 11 in Lynchburg.

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