Extremism in Offense of Liberty is a Vice

Early in the morning of June 14th, Congressman Denver Riggleman – a bridge between the two sides of the Trump and Never Trump sides of the party and a good, decent, liberty-minded man – was ousted in a convention by Bob Good, who shares none of those qualities with Denver.

Here, at Bearing Drift, if you have read any of our stories, commentary from our podcasts, Grand New Podcasts, or scrolled through my co-host Matt Colt Hall’s Twitter feed – you know how we feel on this matter. You know how we feel about that rigged convention process. You know how we feel about Bob Good and that his opinions, if you can call them that, are unfit for any Representative office.

But, in the words of Hamilton’s George Washington:

Can I be real a second?
For just a millisecond?
Let down my guard and tell the people how I feel a second?

One last time. In the title of this op-ed, I evoke the famous Barry Goldwater quote: “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice.” We all know what happened to him. There was no President Goldwater – he got creamed by President Lyndon Johnson and mainstream voters.

The same is about to happen to Bob Good in VA-05. And any Republican that jumps on his bandwagon.

Those in power in VA-05 have flirted with extremism in the past. Just ask the Greene County GOP’s former leadership about the membership of one Jason Kessler. The men that pull the strings in this district do not care about being Republicans or winning at all, quite frankly. If they did, they would not have let this corrupt convention go on, a process that led to allegations of voter fraud.

These men did not care that Denver holds up the Republican Creed, and treats others equally. They did not care that Denver was endorsed by President Trump or Jim Jordan. No. These men do not care about winning. They care about being right, and pushing policies that history left behind 50 years ago.

Bob Good is not a conservative. Conservatives believe in a free-market and a fair and open process in elections. He does not. Bob Good is not a “Constitutional Conservative” or a “Biblical” one as he claims. If he was, he would accept gay marriage as the law of the land. If he was a Christian as he claims, he would seek to love thy neighbor like thyself, instead of treating Denver’s act of love and friendship as criminal and treating gay Americans as mentally ill.

This man does not deserve the seat of Madison, or to represent the home of Jefferson. He has the values of an America at its worst, not the ideals that it represents.

This seat belongs to someone who treats everyone equally, who cares about true service, and who realizes that the district has more to it than Liberty University. It has people of all colors, backgrounds, political opinions, and sexuality.

If the GOP steps in to help Bob Good, they deserve to lose – bigly. Bob Good is not representative of the party or its values, even if 30 Bible thumpers and a Basset hound tell us it is.

Bob Good will be the reason the seat goes blue. This district, and the extremist who is running to represent it, do not deserve our help. It’s okay to take the “L” on this. Don’t turn on the hose of cash flow. Let this one burn.

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