Virginia GOP 5th Congressional District Convention Wrap-Up

There’s a lot to unpack, as the saying goes, from yesterday’s Republican 5th Congressional District convention between incumbent Congressman Denver Riggleman and far-right challenger Bob Good. Results were not announced until 1:30 a.m., long after many had given up after waiting hours for a winner including yours truly, and Senior Contributor Matt Hall who was on site with photos and commentary for Bearing Drift’s live coverage from 8:30 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. this morning.

However, Congressman Denver Riggleman’s tweet at midnight gave an alert to his supporters:

Congressman Riggleman’s loss could change the outlook for November’s election in Virginia.

Out of approximately 3,500 delegates who signed up to participate in yesterday’s convention, 2,537 delegates actually voted. Here are the results of congressional and all the contests as provided by Melvin Adams, chairman of 5th:

Congressional Race
Bob Good                    58.12% (winner)
Denver Rigglemam     41.88%

5th District Chairman Race
Melvin Adams             59.48% (winner)
Daniel Rutherford       40.52%

State Central Committee Race
Nancy Rodland            21.02% (winner)
Renee Maxey              20.96% (winner)
Ed Yensho                   19.43% (winner)
Barbara Hancock        19.42%
Eric Brazeal                 13.83%
Rahul Maitra                5.35%

Nat’l Delegate Race
Renee Maxey              16.08% (delegate)
Richard Viguerie         14.52% (delegate)
Jim McKelvey              13.87% (delegate)
Nancy Rodland            11.49% (first alternate)
Velie Deitrich-Hall       11.04% (second alternate)
Mary Coran                 10.56% (third alternate)
Matthew Hardin         9.13%
Wendell Johnson        8.44%
Rahul Maitra                4.87%

Elector Race
Richard Viguerie         50.47% (winner)
Jim McKelvey              49.53%

Watch for more about this race and where Virginia goes from here coming from Bearing Drift in the days and weeks ahead.

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