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House District 22 Rumor Mill: Former YR Officer Potentially Looking to Run

First things first. I am glad to be writing something that is not going to be graded or count toward my GPA. My long hiatus due to 1L year is complete, and I’m glad to be back here on Bearing Drift at least for the summer! Now let’s get to the business at hand.

In spite of the aforementioned hiatus, my access to the Virginia political rumor mill and connection to the grapevine has survived. The latest product of said mill/vine: Isaiah Knight for Delegate if, and that’s the big if, Delegate Kathy Byron chooses not to seek another term in 2021.

Delegate Byron is a longtime Republican incumbent, having held the seat since 1998. House District 22, which includes parts of Lynchburg and Bedford, is a nice district to be a Republican candidate. Indeed, Delegate Byron won it with about 69 [1]% of the vote in 2019.

So who is Isaiah “Izzy” Knight?

Mr. Knight, who did not confirm or deny a run for the seat when I spoke with him about this matter, would not be a newcomer to politics in the area if he chose to become a candidate. In addition to being the Chairman of the Lynchburg Area Young Republicans for 2018 and 2019, he currently serves as a Director of the Peaks of Otter Soil & Water District [2].

He is also something of an activist, most notably for property rights, and has often been an advocate for equality for students in the public school system (especially for special needs children) in his area. Izzy is also on the Board of Directors of the Virginia Coalition for Open Government, which seeks greater citizen access to public records.

With the biographical and factual information taken care of, let’s get to the most important part and why you’re all reading this: my opinion (duh).

I interacted with Izzy a bit during my brief stint as 2nd District YRFV Representative while he represented the Lynchburg Area YRs. While we tended to have opinions as far apart as our districts back then, I have always found him to be sincere and operating with good intentions.

He could best be described as a Republican with many Libertarian views, perhaps best summed up by saying that he is in the, “Keep the government out of your wallet and your bedroom,” camp. He is certainly a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and has helped raise money for pregnancy centers in the past in accordance with his unwavering pro-life views.

Should Mr. Knight decide to run in the event that Delegate Byron does not, his conservative views would likely run well in the 22nd District. In an era of politics which has seen my age demographic dominated by politicians more in line with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders, Izzy would be a welcome change of pace. Keep your eye on House District 22.

Cover photo: Virginia State Capitol. Photo by Jim Bowen.