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Run for Ahmaud: Why the GOP Needs to Run Candidates that Champion the Cause of Social Justice

This Mother’s Day, Mrs. Arbery did not get cards, flowers, or a hug from her son. While the world is suffering on a mass scale from sickness and economic turmoil, racism and evil raised its head as Ahmaud Arbery [1] (25 years old and African-American) took a jog in Georgia in late February.

Ahmaud could not give his mom a hug this Mother’s Day because he was hunted down, as a white father and son racially profiled him for a “burglar.”  With guns and cameras, they attacked Ahmaud. Ahmaud fought back, but was shot multiple times by his white, vigilante assailant. Yes, in 2020, even in the midst of a pandemic absorbing every aspect of our lives, lynchings still happen in America.

On camera.  Across the political spectrum, as the footage came to light, and the rest of America found out about this tragedy, for once there was collective outrage on both sides [2] of the political divide.  Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) expressed grave concern and prayers, Nikki Haley [3] called for a change in the system so this never happens again. Vice President Biden called for action, President Trump found the case disturbing.

Although this is progress to see both sides uniting against racism, unlike the tragedy of Trayvon Martin or death of legal gun owner Philando Castille (who got no 2nd amendment defense from the NRA [4] at the time), it is a little too late. The Party of Lincoln has been silent for far too long on the deaths of unarmed black people and systemic racism created by the white elite of the Democratic Party. But this is a moment to stop all that.

This is an opportunity to champion the cause of social justice. And no, I’m not talking about Twitter crusading, “SJWs,” or being “woke” to the point of never sleeping, or #believeeveryoneoreverthing.

I’m talking about standing up for everyone. Believing truly all men are created equal, and that they should be protected under the law, regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, or color. Defending the right to bear arms for all Americans, not just white men walking openly in a state capitol strapped.

The Party of Lincoln was founded to stop slavery. Racial injustice continues today. We need to find that in our DNA as a party again, dismantling inequities and segregation in our cities’ school system. The Democrats push Common Core in our school which disproportionately leaves children of color behind.

We need to do more reforming our criminal justice system, which keeps Americans of color behind bars longer for petty crimes and forever disenfranchised from our voting system.

And finally, as the party of pro-life, we should always be outraged when a young black man is gunned down in the land of the free. It doesn’t matter what his background was, or what he was wearing, or who he socialized with – there is no reason this should be happening, today or ever.

The Party of Lincoln needs to find Lincoln again. Without him, the party has no soul. Let’s run candidates that believe this. Let’s make the promises of the country a true reality. Let’s do the right thing. It’s the reason we exist.