President Trump Still Thinking Outside the Box

At Thursday’s White House briefing on the Coronavirus pandemic, Stable Genius Dr. Trump once again amazed and inspired his crack team of medical advisors with a couple of interesting suggestions.

One was to treat Covid with Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation externally beamed onto a patient or directed into the patient’s body “by some means.”

His second suggestion was even more novel and based on the findings that the Coronavirus can be killed on surfaces with bleach and other disinfectants. Why not study, he proposed, having disinfectants (presumably bleach) injected into a patient or ingested into infected areas such as the lungs to “clean them out?”

This is absolutely the brilliant kind of thinking outside of the box that we have come to expect in Donald Trump’s leadership throughout this pandemic crisis. I am confident that his supporters who are not afflicted with TDS will see the wisdom of this idea and want to give it a try. After all, as was the case with Hydroxychloroquine, what have you got to lose?

As a public service, I am willing to personally deliver a serving of chloride bleach to any Trump supporter who does not have any handy at home because of the chronic shortage of disinfectant supplies.

Special footnote to Excellence In Broadcasting radio host Rush Limbaugh: this therapy also holds great promise for treatment of opioid additions. Give it a try, Rush. Your recent broadcasts concerning the unreliability of pandemic predictive models convinces me that you are still popping Oxycodone like M&Ms.

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