A Lecture for the RPV from President Trump

“It’s been a crazy time, folks. I hope you are clean, right? Practicing Social Distancing – so important, so important.

“I am doing what I can for the American people, passing the biggest stimulus you’ve ever seen, no thanks to Cryin’ Chuck and Nervous Nancy. The Greatest Economy you’ve ever seen will be back in no time – that I can tell you.

“Romney, I’ve been saying for a long time, he’d do the right thing – he’d do the right thing – with this incredible bill. Beautiful bill. Total Loser Thomas Massie voted against the bill – if I was Nick Freitas, and I like Nick, I like Nick a lot – his endorsement from a total loser like Massie does not help him. Not at all. If I was Tina Ramirez, I would be all over that.

“But I tell ya folks, ya know who is in real trouble? The Republican Party in Virginia – that’s right.  It’s true.  They really didn’t take the Senate  race seriously. They’re practically not around anymore.

“Daniel Gade? I mean, he’s a nice guy, but no chance – no chance, folks. Thomas Speciale? Not so special! Alissa Baldwin? I hope there’s no relation to Alec – but seriously, who the hell is that? Omari Faulkner – he was a great guy, fantastic guy – but just couldn’t get the signatures. Just couldn’t do it.  SAD! I always say-you have to get the signatures – it’s true – I have to tell you, and these people are fine people, great people some would say – have no chance against Warner.

“Warner is a total killer. They just have zero chance. I know Mark, we all have, I would say for a long time. I deal with Mark. There’s no way these people have what it takes.

“If they wanted to win, they should’ve recruited Barbara. Now, Barbara wasn’t so nice – maybe she could’ve been nicer, who knows – she said some nasty things about me, wasn’t grateful, but she could’ve been good.

“Eric Cantor – great guy, great person, totally loyal congressman, he served the party well. He is a fighter, total fighter for Virginia. What about another Mark – Mark Obenshain? Another great guy, a tough guy, total tough guy – knows the law, knows the law well. I always hear people like him.

“What about Bob? Not the movie – love the movie – but Bob McDonnell? Bob did a great job – he had problems, but he’s ok. Virginia is too important to lose folks, the RPV has to get smarter! As a total genius, it should not have to take me to figure this out.


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