7th District GOP Candidate Tina Ramirez Wins Pre-file Delegate Race In Chesterfield County

Tina Ramirez, a first-time candidate and humans rights advocate, announced Monday that she had filed the most delegates in Chesterfield County for the Seventh District of Virginia Republican Convention, that is for the time being scheduled for next month. Ramirez is running in a field that contains two House of Delegates members, John McGuire and Nick Frietas, and a few lesser-known candidates.

Ramirez released this statement to the press:

Today, the Tina Ramirez campaign announced an overwhelming victory in Chesterfield County in Friday’s delegate pre-file deadline. The Tina Ramirez campaign filed more pre-file delegate forms for the 2020 Republican Convention than any other candidate. The victory in Chesterfield County shows the grassroots movement that has backed Tina Ramirez since the start of her candidacy. Chesterfield is the largest populated county in the 7th District and ultimately the key to taking back Virginia’s 7th Congressional District for Republicans. This victory also shows that Tina Ramirez is the candidate most capable of winning the Richmond Suburbs and beating Abigail Spanberger in the fall.

“I would like to thank the volunteers on the ground that made this overwhelming victory happen,” said Tina Ramirez. “Republicans are tired of the same career politicians running and losing for office, they want a conservative businesswoman who will shake up Washington. Our victory in Chesterfield County shows that our campaign of conservative ideas, fresh perspectives, and local grassroots support is winning the suburbs of Richmond. I can’t wait to defend and fight for our conservative values against Abigail Spanberger in the fall.”

This also comes after Ms. Ramirez announced a slew of endorsements from Chesterfield County and surrounding counties, which includes:

Neil Spoonhower – Goochland County Board of Supervisors
Chris Winslow – Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors
Debbie Bailey – Chairman, Chesterfield County School Board
Kirk Twigg – Spotsylvania School Board
Carey Allen – Chesterfield Soil and Water District Director and Vice-Chair of the Chesterfield County Republican Committee
Chuck Fadus – Midlothian Magisterial District Chairman
Patrick Regan – Former Treasurer, Chesterfield County Republican Committee
Phil Scott – Candidate for Spotsylvania School Board
Jerry Baldwin – Former Past Chairman, Chesterfield County Republican Committee
Tammy Ridout – Former Candidate for Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors
Thomas Glessner – Spotsylvania County – President of National Institute of Family and Life Advocates
Dr. Ben Howerton – Henrico County – Chair of First Freedom Council

On Monday night, I spoke with Ms. Ramirez about her candidacy and her recent win in the race to prefile delegates.

Matt Colt Hall: Let me begin by saying CONGRATULATIONS are in order for winning the pre-file delegate race in Chesterfield. To what do you owe this success in Chesterfield? 

Tina Ramirez: Its a combination of hard work that has occurred in the district. We have connected with the leaders in the Republican committees and in the community. We had county captians who we relied on in the district to recruit delegates. One of the biggest supporters was Jim Gibson, said that he found me early. He kept saying that I could beat Abigail Spanberger, and he and so many of my supporters have continued to say that as more candidates entered the race. And the volunteers are inspired by that and all the hard work because we continue to fight for our values in the campaign.

You reference in your statement career politicians. Were you referring to your opponents in the Republican or Democratic Party? 

It is directed at the Republican Party. Republicans do not want career politicians running.  They want someone who will fight for them, who is a normal, working person just like them. They want someone who isn’t looking for a title or a paycheck. They are tired of the career politicians and Washington, D.C. political action committees choosing candidates who lose elections. The people of the Seventh Congressional District will elect our congressman, not the D.C. PACs or power brokers.

How is it looking across the district?

Chesterfield is just a reflection of the entire district. We are just as organized in Chesterfield as we are in every county in the district. I think what we are seeing is a grassroots movement that is arising, that is including a lot of new faces of conservatism. First day we announced, we had 70 people sign up to volunteers with no paid advertising, with most of them being women. Every Saturday and a couple times a week, we are doing meet and greets. Our campaign is going non-stop meeting people in their community and their living rooms. I am listening to them and their concerns. The reason this is a growing movement, is because people want their voices to be heard. People don’t want to be preached at or talked to, they want people to hear them. They don’t want someone to talk at them like President Obama did. They want someone who is like them. They want someone who wants to serve them.

Has the convention status been changed or is it still scheduled for next month? 

We have been telling everyone that the committee will likely have a contingency plan in place. We have encouraged delegates to register and we trust the committee to make the process fair for everyone.

What necessary steps need to be taken right now to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and what would you do if you were currently in Washington? 

This is a national crisis unlike anything we have ever seen. The best thing for people to do is to stay healthy at home. I appreciate the President’s leadership in this crisis. It is the responsibility of the President to help the people and lead the country through this time. Part of that is making decisive decisions and not politicking. Right now, Americans are hurting, and this is not a time for partisan politics. This is a time for serious business.

Tina Ramirez is going to show power brokers in the Republican Party that clutch to their small chain of pearls of power, that their voice doesn’t matter anymore. The Seventh Congressional District has been talked at both by Republicans and Democrats. The people of that district are crying out for someone not to talk at them, they want someone who can listen.

Tina Ramirez is listening to the people of the seventh district.

If there were candidates or power brokers in the Republican Party who did not take Tina Ramirez seriously, they are now. My sources tell me she has either pre-filed the most delegates in counties across the district or she is neck-in-neck for the top spot. The recent release of information from Chesterfield solidifies Ms. Ramirez’s status as a front-runner.

While the status of the convention is up in the air due to the COVID-19 crisis, it is time for Republicans to find a candidate who can win. Tina Ramirez is successfully making the argument that she is the right person to take on Abigail Spanberger.

Cover photo: Ramirez for Congress campaign photo

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