7th District GOP Candidate Delegate John McGuire Wins Pre-File Race in Henrico County, Ramirez Comes in Second, Freitas Comes in Third

On Tuesday, Delegate John McGuire of Goochland County declared victory in the race for pre-filed delegates in Henrico County. The campaign released the following statement.


Contact: Joe Wertz
March, 23 2020
Navy SEAL John McGuire Wins Big in Henrico
Henrico, VA– Today, Navy SEAL and Republican candidate for Congress John McGuire announced a huge win in Henrico County, filing over 750 out of the 1,404 total delegate forms filed for the 2020 Republican Convention within the county. The county has one of the largest shares of votes and McGuire’s win puts him in a good position to take the Republican nomination.
“The support I’ve seen in Henrico has been incredible,” said McGuire, “We have so much momentum. The fact that we filed well over half the delegates in one of the largest counties in the 7th district makes that very clear.”
Henrico is one of the most critical areas for both the nomination as well as the general election this fall. The nominee will need to be able to win Henrico in order to flip the district back to Republicans.
“Winning Henrico as I did shows voters exactly what I’ve been saying all along,” McGuire continued, “that I’m the only Republican in this race that can win in the suburbs. I was born and raised in Henrico, I’ve raised my family here, I own a 21 year business in the region, voters know me, they know I do what I say, and they know I’m the only one in the race that can defeat Spanberger this fall.”
John McGuire is a current Delegate representing the 56th district of Virginia, which includes the counties of Goochland, Louisa and parts of Henrico and Spotsylvania. Over his past two elections to the House of Delegates John won twice in Henrico precincts that Dave Brat lost. A former Navy SEAL who served for 10 years, John is now the owner of a small fitness company called SEAL Team PT Inc. John and his wife Tracy live in Goochland County. They have five children.

In addition to the McGuire campaign’s release, Bearing Drift can confirm that Tina Ramirez, fellow 7th District candidate, came in second place in Henrico County. Ramirez’s campaign consultant confirmed with us Tuesday evening that they were confident that she came in second place in Henrico County.

This announcement from the McGuire campaign comes on the heels of the announcement from the Tina Ramirez campaign stating that they pre-filed the most delegates in Chesterfield County. 

The question then seems to mount.

Where is the campaign of Delegate Nick Freitas? It is becoming clear he has a problem in suburban areas, which is why Dave Brat lost to Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger.

It is becoming extremely apparent that Delegate Freitas and his campaign are not doing their job on recruiting delegates in the more populous counties in the Seventh Congressional District of Virginia. There are things that can be speculated upon, as to it being his staff, lack of organization, or more importantly, are voters starting to get burnout from Nick Freitas? He has run for office five times in the past five years, three times for state office and twice for federal office.

I say this as someone who really likes Delegate Freitas: what is going on with his campaign? Why hasn’t someone hit the panic button? The general election cannot be won against Congresswoman Spanberger without running up the numbers in the Richmond suburbs. The district will not be won by losing Henrico and Chesterfield. What is going on in the Freitas campaign? I honest to God don’t have a clue.

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