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Virginia K-12 Schools Closed Through Remainder of Year, More From Northam

The following update from Del. Jason Miyares were outlined Monday in Governor Ralph Northam’s coronavirus epidemic press conference….

Executive Order – Only “Essential” Businesses (order and guidelines haven’t been posted online yet)

Effective midnight Tuesday, limits on businesses that serve the public. All recreation and entertainment services will be closed. Personal care services closed. Non-essential retail may stay open if they can adhere to 10 or fewer people, social distancing, and increased cleaning. Essential services will remain open but must maintain social distancing and increased cleaning. All gatherings of over 10 are banned.

The Executive Order will remain in effect for at least 30 days. The state will post guidance on what is/isn’t essential. The list is not exhaustive and will change regularly. The expectations for those businesses that remain open are high – they must adhere to social distancing, cleaning, and make every attempt to keep everyone safe and healthy.

In short, businesses fall into three categories:

1) Recreational and entertainment businesses – all must close

2) Restaurants – only allowed takeout or delivery

3) Non-essential brick and mortar stores – must operate by the new rules of 10 or fewer patrons, social distancing, increased cleaning

Enforcement will be done by localities.


All schools will stay closed through the end of the academic year. On Tuesday, the Department of Education will provide guidance on how to keep children learning. Approximately 80,000 children of essential and medical personnel need childcare. DSS and DOE will issue guidance on how to provide emergency childcare services for essential and medical personnel.