Sleepy Joe Has Awakened

Sleepy Joe no more.

Sleepy Joe is looking more and more like the Sleeping Giant fresh off a nap – winning Super Tuesday and Mini-Tuesday. Racking up delegates and taking names faster than Bernie wanting to take away private health care.

Joe’s campaign had a vague message, a muddled messenger, little money and infrastructure. Yet, thanks to Jim Clyburn playing Jesus to Biden’s Lazurus, Biden was brought back from the political brink – locking in a strong showing of African American support – based on respect and a genuine love of Biden’s character – a man of Irish charm (and occasionally temper) and working class roots.

South Carolina. Virginia. Texas. Massachusetts. Michigan. Biden is sweeping these contests, bounding in and out of diners, glad handing, winning these contests with faith alone and the increasing notion that a Socialist is not right for the White House. He has the Avengers-like coalition of the establishment – Mayor Pete’s youth, Amy’s grit, Bloomberg’s money, Harris and Booker’s diversity and VP material. Even Beto’s failing arms.

President Trump has a serious fight on his hands. You can’t dismiss this guy as a senile old man. Trump’s staff might, but Trump is smarter than them – he knows Biden poses a threat.  Here is why.

“Get up Joey! Get up!” This has been Joe’s battle cry for his entire life – words from his father’s Rocky-esque advice to him as a working-class kid with a stutter in Scranton, and later Claymont, Delaware. Joe Biden has always had to fight his way through. Nothing came easy. He knows loss and what it means.

After overcoming a heavily funded member of the upper-class Delaware establishment, to be elected at 29 years old to the U.S. Senate, his wife and infant were killed in a car crash. He had to get up.

In the middle of his bid for the Presidency in 1988, he was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. He continued to get back up. In 2015, his eldest son Beau passed away from brain cancer. Beau, he admits, should have been running for President this year, not him.

Yet still, Joey had to get up one more time. He is not a calculating, cold-hearted machine like Hillary. He slips up. He talks too close. He flies off the handle sometimes.

But the voters in the low-country of South Carolina, the workaholics of Northern Virginia, and the factory workers in Fall River, Massachusetts, know something about Joe – that the guy is human, an asset Secretary Clinton did not have in 2016. The working class voters she lost can go back to Biden – and Trump knows this – the white working class in Middle America is his bread and butter.

Trump is a street fighter. He is not afraid to tell it how it is – or rather, how he sees it. He’s a billionaire who speaks like the construction workers in Queens that his father raised him around.

The ‘Quake from Queens and the Scrapper from Scranton.

Election 2020 will be one hell of a Donnybrook. This is not Grumpy Old Men 3.

Cover Photo: Vice President Joe Biden greets nuns outside of St. Peter’s Basilica after attending the Inauguration Mass of Pope Francis in Vatican City, Vatican. (Official White House Photo by David Lienemann)

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