Bearing Drift’s Kristina Nohe Voted One of Influential Women in Prince William

Congratulations to Bearing Drift’s Kristina Nohe for being honored as one of Prince William County’s influential women. It is an award well deserved.

“Have you ever wondered why, each year, Prince William Living celebrates the influential women in our area? It’s not just that we are impressed with what these exceptional ladies do on a daily basis. It’s the inspiration they bring to the community, the way they encourage others to go above and beyond and how they serve as role models to everyone they meet. This month, we’d like to introduce you to the 2020 Influential Women Award winners. Take some time to learn about the work they do and what motivates them. Then, go out and make a difference in your own way—because you also have what it takes to be influential.”Prince William Living magazine

There has never been a doubt here at BD that Kris is an influence … and a woman. However, having that honor publicly bestowed on her last week by the folks at Prince William Living magazine was a special tribute that we wanted to recognize. Prince William Living noted:

“Others might be too fearful to share opinions where there may be loud disagreement in response, but Kristina Nohe is never afraid. For that, she has an incredible positive impact on her friends, her family, and the women in her community, who look to her example for the strength to also stand up and speak out.”

A wife, mother, homeschool educator, writer, blogger, community leader, and outspoken citizen, it was interesting that PRL picked up on her personal blog tagline:

Kristina Nohe’s blog,, bears the tagline: “Be Brave. Be Creative. Be Tenacious. And when all else fails, fluff up your tail and jump.”

That, in a nutshell, captures Kris’ unique communication skills. She has used that strength to speak out in her distinctive way on a variety of issues with her contributions at Bearing Drift, adding a twist or humor or angst to the often stodgy GOP point of view.

With subject titles of her articles such as, Closed Primaries, or the Republican BachelorWomen Are Not a MonolithRepublicans Cannot Continue to Ignore the African American Community21 Years Ago Today My Friend Matt Shephard Died, and Her First Time Voting, she questions the status quo and breaks down the norms, treading where other conservative writers may be fearful to venture. That is what sets Kris apart in the crowded field of political commentary.

In one of her early Bearing Drift posts, Kris wrote of the diversity of Republican women and, in explaining that one size did not fit all, shared a self-assessment as proof:

“I love theatre, rom-coms, and singing in my car at the top of my lungs. I’m a morning person and a coffee person, but I hate glitter and anything bedazzled. I use a lot of curse words, and I love Jesus. I like to cook, hate to grocery shop, and Spaghetti-O’s with meatballs are my comfort food. I color my hair, hate wearing makeup, and think elastic waistbands are highly underrated. I have extremely strong feelings about the necessity for the Oxford Comma and colored Christmas lights. I went to the first Women’s March and then I went to the March for Life. There is no other woman like me, so I will never ask any other women to occupy the space I’ve created. But likewise, I’d love it if they would stop telling me that I had to occupy theirs.”

If you ever wondered why we love having her write with us, that says it all right there. Sign.Her.Up.

Kris, who described herself in her BD bio as a political activist, adoption advocate, and homeschooling mom who does not suffer fools lightly or quietly, has been a powerhouse writer with us for the past year. Her ability to leverage opinions and thoughts makes her unique in communicating ideas, frustrations, joys, life lessons, her love of family, and her dedication to teaching.

Being a graduate of the University of Virginia’s Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership seems especially fitting considering the direction her life has taken. Her husband Marty was a Prince William County supervisor for 16 years so she has had an up-close-and-personal interaction with politics, working campaigns, volunteering for GOP causes, and serving as a member of the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee.

With her inroads into local and statewide politics, it seems just a matter of time before Kris herself may take her talents and dive head-first into the political arena. At a time when the Republican Party needs to advance smart women, she more than fills the bill.

On top of all that, she is a homeschool mom who is in leadership and actively involved with her local group. My respect for her is boundless after spending 16 years educating my own children at home. It’s encouraging to know that families are still willing to make the sacrifices, and put in the dedication and discipline, needed to teach their kids at home and prepare them for what lies beyond high school.

We thank Kris for sharing time from her incredibly busy schedule to be one of us while rattling cages and kick-starting ideas essential to advancing and encouraging the GOP to up their game. Here at Bearing Drift, she makes us up our game, too. Thanks, Kris … for being that special, incredible, and irreplaceable role model to so many.

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