Lock, Comstock, and One Chance at the Governor’s Mansion

State Senator Amanda Chase has declared herself for the Republican nomination for Governor in 2021. She’s young, vibrant (that’s for sure), and it’s exciting to have a woman go for the Governor’s Mansion, let alone the Republican nomination. That’s historic.

But — if Republicans are to run the candidate of change — they should also run the candidate of actually winning. Parking lot beratements and toting guns in the workplace is not going to cut it to the voters in Deep Blue NoVA and the Turquoise Tidewater.

This, as Joe Biden says, is not hyperbole, folks. This is the RPV’s last chance to win the Governor’s Mansion.

Yes, the 2nd amendment has incredible support in Virginia. So did Trump’s impeachment. For 2021, the Republican Party of Virginia is gearing up to send Clint Eastwood to fight the Godzilla that is The Macker. Republicans need a juggernaut of their own — which brings me to my proposal.

Barabara Comstock for Governor.

Without inroads or dents into Northern Virginia, you cannot win the Governor’s Mansion. Strategists will brush that off and talk about offsetting the vote in Tidewater and the suburbs of Richmond. To those strategists I say — Luria and Spanberger. Those are off the table now.

NoVA is like Thanos — inevitable. It’s the most populous area in the state and the most diverse. It’s the economic engine for Virginia. Ignore at your own peril.

The former Congresswoman is from there and represented the vast concentration of money, people, and landscape that is VA-10. From McLean to Middleburg, Ed Gillespie in his shoddy 2017 outing lost by over 20 points alone.

Comstock was able to represent Northern Virginia in the House of Delegates and Representatives for about a decade. She was able to reach out to diverse members of the electorate, courting Asian-Americans, and be reflective of the suburban mom vote that swung to the Democrats statewide in 2018. It’s a demographic that will vote against someone who likes to bring a gun to the workplace.

Barbara Comstock also has demonstrated an independent streak in her tenure. She refused to vote for then-candidate Donald Trump over his egregious Access Hollywood tape. She was a member of the Climate Solutions Caucus, and supported the nomination of Virginia’s first openly gay judge to the Richmond Circuit Court.

Comstock also bucked Trump again, condemning his discriminatory and legal mess that was his travel ban. Trump is a polarizing figure in Virginia, whether Republicans like it or not. His election arguably is what spurred Comstock to lose her seat.

They cannot run an unapologetic Trump sycophant and expect to win the Governor’s Mansion. They have to run a pragmatist. They have to run someone with money. With name recognition. Someone with the capability to win in unexpected places.

Mrs. Comstock, time to start training again. Drink some egg yolks. Dust off the cape. Suit up. Richmond needs you.

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