Democrats Who Happily Sold Virginia To Bloomberg For Millions Shocked To Find He Might Buy Presidential Nomination

Since 2011, Virginia Democrats have eagerly accepted former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s financial assistance to the tune of more than $6 million, helping buy a majority in the General Assembly that is now attempting to fundamentally transform Virginia into New Jersey.

Now there’s some guy with the same name running for the Democratic Presidential Nomination and Democrats are AGHAST that he’s using his personal fortune to potentially buy the election!

Democrats are protesting this Michael Bloomberg’s abhorrent record of:

racially motivated “Stop-and-Frisk” policing policies

awful treatment of women

insulting of the intelligence level of Middle America

telling old people with cancer they should die and make room for younger, more valuable people

Perhaps they can ask that first former NYC Mayor Billionaire Michael Bloomberg for money to help fight back against this other former NYC Mayor Billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Or they could be honest with Virginians and start being consistent and returning the millions of dollars they happily pocketed while turning a blind eye to these issues they supposedly abhor.

Let’s not hold our breath.

12:45pm UPDATE:

The latest polling on Virginia’s March Primary shows that Michael Bloomberg has bought himself a TIE with Bernie Sanders at 22%.

(Photo by Ben White on Unsplash)

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