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The New Culture, Same As the Old Culture

Here’s a story about Virginia. And Me. And Ralph Northam.

See … the Governor has provoked Virginia. As a young adult he dressed up in blackface, which at the time was no particular crime, but had he developed the stigmata of Republicanism it would have cost him his career in politics. Instead, all it cost him was his sanity, his self-respect, and his individuality.

Ralph Northam celebrated Halloween. He demonstrated Southern white humor.

Look, I’m from Maryland. When I moved to Virginia in the late 1990s I was horrified and disgusted by race relations. To be honest – I was horrified by everything I saw by just about everyone I ran into. I happily left.

I went to North Carolina. They seemed more sane. But they were poorer. They didn’t share a border with the District that shall never be a state, but which nonetheless acquires the wealth of all fifty, leaking that wealth like a sieve for one hundred and sixty miles in all directions.

In the late 1990s when I moved to Kilmarnock, Virginia, if you were drowsy, you’d have driven through their two electric traffic lights without ever knowing there was a “town” there. Had you stopped at the local McDonalds, you’d have noticed that all the white kids hung out on one side and all the black kids hung out on the other. If you wanted a Newport cigarette and were white, there was something wrong with you. The segregation almost made me wish I could have stomached a Marlboro.

Coming from Maryland, Virginia felt like the 1950s. It just felt wrong. I had long hair.

The white people hated that. Especially the rednecks and their policemen uncles. I was white, so the black kids just hated me because … because I guess white people hated them. I was never so uncomfortable in all my life as moving to Virginia. Tappahannock was the worst. It was this bizarre town where an all-white police force ruled over a majority black constituency that despised all the poor white citizens that lived there because – shocking — the previous white people were racists.

Fast forward.

It’s 2020.

Race relations are much better. The racists tried to have a resurgence under the precocious guidance of an asshole from Duluth, Minnesota, but they failed.

Donald Trump was elected president. Moderates made peace with the liberals and libertarians. Everyone decided that Donald Trump was the worst thing to happen to reality since reality television – but we might have been wrong.

As awful as Donald Trump and Corey Stewart are and were and will be, they aren’t as bad as Democrats riding roughshod over the Virginia and U.S. Constitutions and the will of people at large.

Democrats are trying to turn Virginians into terrorists because they believe in their rights and in their governments’ Constitutions.

They are building walls around the Governor’s Mansion.

Most of the worst things I feared about folks like Donald Trump and Corey Stewart, I feared theoretically. With Ralph Northam and the Democrats, I don’t have to wonder, nor do I have to imagine. I just have to watch their tyrannical takeover of the Commonwealth and the death of liberty in the country that bred Washington, Jefferson, and Patrick Henry.

Today, Virginians will go to one of the most heavily guarded palaces in the world to petition a state government that couldn’t care less about what the people of Virginia believe in or need.

They want to give our electoral votes over to New York and California, Florida and Texas.

They hate our Constitutional Republic and just about every bill they pass is an affront to it.

My fellow Virginians – our government has declared apathy upon us. A war of apathy and disinterest. We’re nothing more than a carte blanche for a national polemic. A battleground for Californians and New Yorkers to stick to the rubes in Alabama and Mississippi.

Virginia is no longer the mother of America.

We’re becoming America’s bitch.

A plaything.

A mouse to the National Democratic Party’s cat.

As we observe Martin Luther King, Jr’s day … let us not forget what our government and our country does to those who fight for freedom and for their constitutional rights.

If Ralph Northam’s walls don’t hold … how will he silence us in the future? The Democrats in Virginia are crazy. Maybe Trump made them this way, but I don’t care why an entire group of people have gone mad – I only request that everyone else rise up against them.