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Scott Taylor’s Choice

“You can’t ride two horses with one ass, sugarbean,” Earl Smooter lovingly tells his daughter Melanie in Sweet Home Alabama [1].

In the film, Reese Witherspoon must make her very hard choice between Josh Lucas and Patrick Dempsey. She chooses her hometown sweetheart and first love, played by Lucas, over the flashy, city suave Dempsey.

It seems Scott Taylor took a page from Reese, choosing his first, familiar love over the McDreamy McConnell-led Senate. He is happy with his choice – for now.

Scott Taylor is a man who appears to never be happy with what he’s got or goes for. He seems to make a habit of riding two horses. He has run for Mayor, then Congress, then Delegate, and Congress. Once he lost his seat to upstart Elaine Luria, he started plotting a Senate run.

Now that he reached the conclusion that Virginians already know (that no Republican can defeat Warner), he wants his old sweetheart of a district back [2]. The only problem is, he completely does not care about blindsiding a solid candidate in Ben Loyola.

Referring to a fellow veteran and sitting Congresswoman as simply a “girl” [3] with a National Security background won’t do him any favors either when “girls” show up to vote against him.

Now, the problem with Scott Taylor is not that he goes through seats like Tinder-swipes. It’s that he is simply a politician. This is what these guys do. He is not alone. In Virginia, politicians can never just have one horse for their ass. In the 7th right now, two delegates are going for the GOP nomination while assuming they have the luxury of keeping their seats warm.

Jackson Miller [4] let “Poor Me” Lee Carter sneak into his seat because he was too busy running for Clerk of Court. Delegate Rob Bell has made two bids for Attorney General but won’t budge because the wind isn’t blowing right. Boy, they hate giving up the other horse.

These candidates are either Hamlet or genuinely have a large ass. Isn’t politics all about risk? You shouldn’t get back with your high school sweetheart if you keep striking out at the bar. If so, that’s not fair to them, sugarbean.