Fredy Burgos Running for 11th District Chairman in 2020

The professional political class that predominately runs RPV are “controlled by outsiders of the globohomo swamp elites,” according to Fredy Burgos

The 11th District Committee (where I currently serve as the Young Republican representative) had a productive meeting Monday evening. In addition to approving the call for the 2020 convention (more on that later), a litany of folks looking to seek party office announced themselves. One of those announcements was from former SCC Representative Fredy Burgos, who announced he is running for 11th District Chairman. Current chairman Paul Prados is not seeking re-election. Vice-Chair and current VFRW representative Melissa Beaudoin is also running for Chairman.

Fredy Burgos’s Greatest Hits

Fredy Burgos was last seen in March 2018 getting voted off by a two-thirds vote of State Central Committee for being a complete embarrassment to the party with his nonstop attacks on religious and ethnic groups and parroting of white nationalist talking points. (He was quickly given a spot in FCRC leadership, however.)

In just two short years on SCC, Fredy has earned his reputation as an embarrassment:

In remarks widely viewed as anti-Semetic, Fredy misquoted John Jay and said it was his “duty”  to support Christians over non-Christians in a party race where his endorsed candidate ran against a Jewish Republican

Fredy quoted white supremacists and attacked those in interracial marriages by saying “the idea that white people, instead of birthing white babies, should interracially marry or adopt non-white children” is a cancer on the Western world, and must be cut out.

Fredy attacked Catholics as having a “sin problem” of idols, who aren’t Bible-based and who need to leave Catholicism to find Jesus, then endorsed calling Pope Francis the “Anti-Christ” and referred to him as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

Since being kicked off SCC, Fredy started gay-bashing and attacked Virginia Young Republicans for “supporting degeneracy” by supporting LGBT rights and refers to gay marriage as “perversion”

Fredy first got in trouble when he attacked Muslims, comparing them to Nazis and calling Islam a “death cult organized by Satan”. He was forced to apologize for these bigoted comments in 2016, and was warned by the state party to stop his reckless rhetoric. Fredy blamed the fact that English wasn’t his first language. Obviously, despite the warning, he kept attacking Muslims (among other religious groups), like when he quoted a white nationalist who referred to Muslim migrants as a “plague of feral humans”, and Fredy added that “calling them humans is a stretch”.

All of this led to widespread attention, including every member of the 11th District Committee, including his allies, signing a statement calling for his resignation. (The members of the same committee he’s running for again). Finally the State Central Committee voted to remove him 2018 by a two-thirds majority vote. The effort was led by RPV Chairman Jon Whitbeck. (During his corrosive fight with party leadership, Burgos called him “John Whitebeck”.)

Obviously, this is the leadership we need to reclaim the suburbs.

Fear and Loathing of Immigrants

So what has Fredy been up to since 2018, with plenty of time now that he doesn’t have to worry about being on SCC anymore? Well, for starters he’s promoted some really extreme positions on legal immigration:

Some other interesting insights from Fredy:

“We are not a nation of immigrants. If the founders wanted immigration they wanted European immigrants.”

“Dramatically reduce legal immigration by 90%, and repatriate as much as possible. We are full.”

“Immigration must be mostly European and very limited.”

These are all references to immigration as a policy. So why do I say Fredy is opposed to immigrants? Well, for starters, there’s this:

But I’m more concerned with posts like these:

To most observers, this picture of the 2019 Annandale Carnival seems like a wonderful picture of families and children enjoying rides and attractions. Here’s another picture from the event (more clear, in daytime):

Now read Fredy’s post above the picture: “When you have many different languages and cultures being lived out in public, out in the open… that community will not hold.”

Fredy sees a community event full of families from different ethnicities and walks of life, and is repulsed by it. But the would-be 11th District Chairman isn’t just opposed to events where people from different backgrounds co-exist with one another. He views it as the front-line of a brewing Civil War II. Seriously.

Fever Dreams of a “Civil War II”

You see, Fredy genuinely believes gatherings like Annandale Carnival above are part of a war. You might ask what type of war we might see? The answer would be, you blind fool, the same war we’ve been fighting for decades:

There’s even a name in this wackadoo alternative history: “Civil War II”

References to civil war, cultural war, or “Civil War II” litter Fredy’s Facebook feed and seems to be at the forefront of his mind. Perhaps for good reason. After all, if there’s going to be a war, you’re going to need soldiers. And not just any types of soldiers. You need masculine, hyper-virile, sexy stud soldiers.

Fredy’s Bizarre Obsession with “Masculinity”

According to Fredy, there’s a simple reason why Republicans don’t win elections:

We need strong, manly leaders, who can hold shovels and attract the ladies. As Fredy calls them, “Alfa men”.

(For those curious, “SMV” = Sexual Market Value. The post has a photo of Donald Trump holding a shovel. It’s unclear which one Fredy is more aroused by.)

How do we get these “Alfa Men” to “dominate” again, Fredy?

Bonus points to anybody who opened this post and expected to hear Fredy Burgos’s thoughts on “sexual ethos”. Yeah, we’re talking penises here. Don’t believe me?


And just so we’re clear, who is an “Alfa Male” in Fredy’s mind?

The paragon of masculinity

How Does This Translate to Winning Elections?

High-level thoughts on immigration and sexual ethos is one thing, but what does Fredy offer in terms of support for candidates for office? After all, that is a primary role of the 11th District Chairman. Does Fredy have thoughts on that? Yes, he does.

Okay, so run against “preventable evils” and on the “supreme function of statesmanship”. You know, standard kitchen table issues for local candidates. Still, seems a bit vague. What specific advice can Fredy offer?

Let’s go back to Annandale, in Mason District, Fairfax. This is the place where families from different backgrounds having fun at a Carnival is secretly a cultural battlefield. Sadly, Republicans don’t win in Mason District very often, as one observer noted in advance of the 2019 local elections:

Here, Fredy states that, given that 2019 is projected to be around 30%, this means there are 70% of voters who are unmotivated by traditional messaging. Obviously, those voters are begging for some non-flaccid, political incorrectness to energize them to the polls. And not just pick up votes, but win Mason District outright.

Except … turnout isn’t 30 percent in every election, just in local elections. In 2016, Mason turned out at 81 percent. Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in Mason 70% – 24%. So, either Donald Trump is the type of flaccid non-“alfa” that Fredy opposes, or Fredy is the last person we should be looking to for advice on how to win votes.

Not the Chairman We Need, but the Chairman We Deserve

I don’t relish the prospect of Fredy Burgos regaining his status as a party leader (nor the prospect of attending meetings run by someone who has such an obnoxious and undeservedly high view of himself). But Fredy won a majority vote at a convention in 2016, on the first-ballot, because he worked the delegate list harder than any other candidate. It’s absolutely foolish to count him out in 2020, particularly with strong support from the current FCRC regime.

To be sure, Fredy will alienate some important factions. His view that Women’s Clubs, Young Republicans, and College Republicans should be stripped of their voting rights is likely to lose some support from those quarters. And even those who don’t like Jack Wilson may not agree with Fredy that Wilson and other RPV officials are “controlled by outsiders of the globohomo swamp elites.”

Then again, there’s a reason a character as singularly hateful and delusional as Fredy Burgos has not just existed but thrived in the current Republican Party. We don’t need Fredy as Chairman – the SCC, the 11th District Committee, and certainly the candidates running in Fairfax and Prince William County will benefit from a chairman they don’t have to keep at arms length due to his political toxicity. But we may deserve him.


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