VA-05: It Took Good Just Five Seconds To Flip Flop On Abortion

There is nothing worse than a politician who makes it up as he goes along.

In Virginia’s 5th District, putative Republican challenger Bob Good decided to do just that on an issue one most people might have a pretty firm opinion.

Rather, at a Fluvanna County GOP committee meeting, Good told the audience that he was 100% pro-life.  Good held that position for precisely five seconds before flip-flopping to exceptions, tailoring his position on life to what he thought the audience wanted to hear:


Of course, this has very little to do with whether or not Good actually believes in exceptions such as rape, incest, and life of the mother.  Or whether or not Good believes that you can kill the baby after eight weeks.  Or three months.  Or if Good actually holds the Northam position at heart (well, that might matter).

What does matter is that Good walked into a room of Republicans, threw out the “100% pro-life” line — and then budged when he felt the room didn’t quite agree with him.

That sort of waffling raises even further questions.  Because if Good is going to waffle in front of a friendly group of Republicans, what the heck is he going to do in Washington when it is lobbyists with piles of cash on the desk telling him to become a statesman?

You know what that is?

Does someone want to sell me on the idea that Good doesn’t know precisely where he stands on abortion?  That he has to make it up as he goes along?  If he believes in life at conception, then where does he stand on chemical contraception?  If life begins at conception, then why does Good adopt the Northam position if the life of the mother becomes an issue?

That’s what Good’s campaign literature says anyhow.  So which is it?

Either you believe that life begins at conception… or you believe that you can kill the baby.

Either you believe that every human being has the basic human right to exist, or you believe that a mother has the option to choose to abort a healthy child right up until the moment of birth where the infant will be delivered, kept comfortable, possibly resuscitated (if that’s what the life and health of the mother required) and then a discussion would ensue between the mother and the doctor.

…which means that in certain exceptions, Bob Good’s position on life is no different than Ralph Northam.

For that piece of anti-life rookie chicanery, Publius awards Bob Good the coveted Three Kathy Tran’s Award (D-Abortion) for fastest sellout in Virginia politics.

Even a rodeo clown can last seven seconds, for crying out loud.

It is one thing to hold a consistent opinion that includes exceptions.  At least there is a fixed point that can be debated.  But for a politician to waffle on such a core and character defining issue smacks of opportunism, not leadership.  That’s gross… and more to the point, that’s not just ethically wrong but a deeper sign of moral conflict.

In the meantime, could someone take the time find out what Bob Good actually believes about the sanctity of human life?  Clearly, Good’s actual beliefs do not match his campaign literature.

That’s not good.

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