Part 3.5: RPV and a Theoretical View of a Coup D’état – Does It Succeed or Fail?

I have been quite busy with several issues since I finished Part 3 of this series, but I have put a lot of work into it and wanted to make sure I saw it through to conclusion. I expected that conclusion to be this Part 4. However, much has happened since the last post that I believe to be integral to the point of the series. I will post Part 5 with those issues, a question, and the survey results. But … I feel it is important to also include a few recent events, so … onward. (See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.)

The dawn of November 6: The Loss Could Have Been Prevented

Just before the elections, I participated in my first electoral predictions that would be published for people to see. I only looked at House races because of the methods I used and the time constraints. I was overly optimistic on the four seats I thought the Elephant Clan could win.

I nailed the six seats that were lost, out of seven I predicted, as well as the two that remained in Donkey Clan control. I was also correct that HD 66 (Kirk Cox) would be impacted (in part) by Senator Amanda Chase’s performance. I’m not bragging … I believe many of the losses were preventable, and can be recaptured in 24 months, but not without the ability and willingness of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) to take a long, hard look in the mirror and tackle the issues that are staring back at them.

As RPV heads to the annual Advance at the Homestead this weekend, they have a genuine opportunity. I sincerely hope they see it, and seize it.

In Part 3, I said “The State Party Plan is still the main governing document, but it caused problems then and it causes problems now…”  And yes, it does.

The problem of late seems to be a few of the people on the unit and committee level who choose to decide to ignore the State Party Plan (SPP) when it suits them. The State Central Committee (SCC) has an incredibly arduous task of separating fact from wishful control and attempted manipulation within the confines of their existing document (they might as well burn it) and processes.

However, if they are willing to work out a process that is abundant in what is lacking now … accountability … then all they need is the will to do so. I think that will might just be there. It was with that thought in mind that I ran across something I thought was fantastic.

Someone within the RPV leadership who was naturally a bit more than disappointed on November 6 is willing to do something I was starting to think was nearly impossible … CHANGE everything … in order to combat the problems he (and most of us) can clearly see.

I will say I do not share RPV Chairman Jack Wilson’s opinion on exactly everything related to the reasons for the loss, but he is not wrong either.

It is within his plans for the future that peak my ever optimistic eye, and within those plans that RPV can begin the task of … thinking differently.

Wilson says in points two and three:

“Quit Apologizing; Take The Fight To The Democrats.

“Second, we must refine our message to voters in the Commonwealth by going beyond being the so-called Party of No.

“This cycle the message seemed to be No! to infringing on the 2nd Amendment, No! to repealing our right to work laws and No! to late third trimester abortions. Now, don’t get me wrong, those are all vital issues on which we must stand firm.

“Our Republican base has a right to expect the Republican Party of Virginia and our candidates will stand up in defense of our 2nd Amendment, right to work, and our pro-life values. But along with that goes a bold vision of freedom to independent and swing voters focused on issues such as transportation, education and health care. The government cookie cutter might be the most straightforward method, but it is more often than not the clumsiest, most brutal and unthinking method of them all.

“Just as important, we must stop treating minority communities as appendages to the Republican Party; in fact, our minority communities should be our strongest voices. The Republican Party was founded on this very premise, and it is a heritage we never have nor ever will surrender.

“In short, we must go beyond our comfort zones and reach back to the Republican Party that trusted individuals – and not government – to build prosperity for our children and grandchildren. That is the sort of hopeful and optimistic conservatism that gave us the coalition of electoral success for nearly 30 years. Those voices still exist; they deserve our encouragement!

“Reinvest In Our Party Infrastructure

“Most of all, we desperately need to reorganize, restructure and refocus the Republican Party of Virginia.

“The simple truth of the matter is that Democrats have not defeated Republicans in Virginia over the last decade: Republicans have defeated Republicans.

“We need to stop begging our elected officials for funds and refocus the RPV into the independent voice of the grassroots volunteers who spend the time and effort on the ground in support of our values and candidates.

“We must remodel the Republican Party of Virginia into an independent, co-equal and strong partner of the caucuses and candidates as opposed to serving as a net drain on their resources.

“The answer for this is very simple. Unless our members are invested in the Party, we are never going to become the independent voice the grassroots of the Republican Party of Virginia work so hard to maintain. Our unit chairmen deserve better, our district committees understand better, and most importantly those carrying our battle standards as candidates for public office deserve better from Grace Street.

“On this front, I have an ambitious plan to rejuvenate our fortunes that will require a small commitment from each and every single Virginia Republican who still believes in free markets, free minds, and a free society. More on this at the Advance (and I hope to see you there).”

I am not suggesting any of this is going to be easy to accomplish. Jack is capable and willing to really do it, rather than paying lip service after an electoral defeat. But he cannot do it alone. This effort will require your help, your constructive opinions, and your time. But it will also require something else that might be a little more difficult for some of the Elephant Clan to consider….

… your willingness to trust again. Your Partnership. The end of the GOPr and GOPu and be just the VAGOP.

No, this will not be easy, there is much to sort out, but it is possible.

And as of this writing, the current RPV Executive Director, Mr. John Findlay, is leaving after 4 1/2 years. Wilson has announced a national search for the next ED.

How about everyone take a break from speculating, and wait to see what happens?

How about giving the next ED a real chance without anyone going into attack mode within the first year? That position requires someone who can leave personal opinions at home and represent the membership.

When something needs to change, the intelligent, strategic thinkers change. Why not give it a chance?

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