Riggleman Isn’t Going to Take It From the Fifth District Committee Anymore

Over the past two weeks, Congressman Denver Riggleman (R-5th CD) has sent a clear message to the Fifth District Republican Committee. That message is loud and clear, in my own opinion, and says that he is a man who is not to be f**ked with.

The Fifth District Republican Committee has chosen to nominate a candidate for Congress by convention. For those who are unfamiliar, conventions are methods of nominations where a select few party insiders choose who the nominee will be. In the past, this has favored more conservative candidates (because those who have normal lives aren’t acting like their lives depend on it and don’t waste their time on extreme conservative candidates, but I digress).

Some of you will be familiar with the fact that many of the members of the Fifth District Republican Committee were on payroll with Riggleman opponent and three-time failed Congressional candidate Cynthia Dunbar.

They have also picked their sacrificial lamb of a candidate to advance their far right-wing agenda. Bob Good, a Campbell County supervisor and a fundraiser for Liberty University’s Athletics Department, has announced his campaign to oppose Riggleman. Per usual, Good is throwing around terms like “betrayal to conservative principles.”

The Congressman has chosen to respond with actions of his own.

Last week, the Young Republican Federation of Virginia (YRFV) made a decisive move to elect a Denver Riggleman loyalist to the Fifth District Republican Committee. Not only a member who is loyal to Denver, but they elected one that many see as a political shot across the bow.

In an opening salvo of the upcoming convention war being waged by Riggleman, the YRFV moved to elect Alex Piscaiarino as the Young Republicans Representative to the Fifth District Republican Committee. Alex is a UVA Law student and former staffer of the Republican Governor’s Association and the Club for Growth. More importantly, he is one-half of the couple that Riggleman married last summer, which was the beginning of the district committee being so hostile to the Congressman.

This week, an email was sent to Fifth District GOP Chairman Melvin Adams from Riggleman Campaign Manager, Kurt Lofquist. The email read:

According to sources, private texts between Riggleman and Adams were leaked to the committee. The Congressman has since chosen to no longer further discuss campaign matters with Adams.

On Monday, to add insult to injury, Congressman Riggleman received a full-throated endorsement of his opponent’s bosses’ bosses’ boss. Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. gave his full endorsement to Denver, stating:

“I am proud to offer my endorsement of Congressman Denver Riggleman for re-election in the 5th District of Virginia,” said Falwell. “Denver has been a champion for our conservative values in Congress and I respect his commitment to liberty-minded ideals. He has visited us at Liberty University and his story of living out the American dream is an inspiration for me, my students, and the people he serves. I wholeheartedly support Congressman Riggleman. His military, executive and entrepreneurial experience has prepared him to serve the 5th district to an unmatched level. Congressman Riggleman stresses fiscal restraint, protects our constitutional rights, and fights for a business environment that allows entrepreneurs and employees to thrive. Let’s fight together for Virginia’s 5th district by re-electing Congressman Denver Riggleman!”

If I had to put a theme song to Riggleman’s actions, this would fit the bill:

Simply put, Denver Riggleman isn’t going to take it from the Fifth Congressional Republican Committee anymore. For far too long, these right-wing extremists who mooch money off their candidates and slap people across the face with the Bible have dictated what happens in the Republican Party of Virginia. That ends now.

Let’s make something very clear. The people who are opposing Denver Riggleman are baffled and confused by the actions of the Congressman because they have never been challenged before. They have run the Republican Party of Virginia like their own theocratic feudal society where those who disagree are personally and politically destroyed.

They haven’t met a man like Denver Riggleman.

And rumor has it, this is just the beginning.

Congressman Riggleman and the people surrounding him aren’t stupid. They know they are walking up to the biggest bully in the schoolyard and giving him a bloody nose.

I also hope that Congressman Riggleman’s detractors understand that they aren’t just picking a fight against some country politician who drinks old fashions at the country club. They are picking a fight with a man who has quite literally waged war against America’s enemies. This isn’t a gentleman’s game of badminton to Riggleman or his team.


And there isn’t a damn thing wrong with that.

Stay tuned to BearingDrift.com to keep up to date with the ongoing war in the 5th District.

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