Mark Daniel Is Out of the New Kent GOP

Last week I reported that New Kent County GOP Chair Mark Daniel had violated the RPV Party Plan. I said, in part:

In Virginia, under the RPV governing documents, official committee members and especially chairpersons are not permitted to support anyone in opposition to the Republican Nominee. If they do, they are “deemed to have resigned” their position and are no longer members of the RPV. So naturally, Mr. Daniel, as Chairman of NKCRC always supports the Republican nominee.

Or does he?

I was led to that question by accident, when someone mentioned an unusual attendee of the October 29 NKCRC meeting. One or two folks came down from Greene County to visit. Greene County, Virginia is a beautiful county between Albemarle and Madison counties to the northwest of Richmond.

But what does it have in common with the NKCRC?

Well … it seems that Mark Daniel is now faced with a bit of a quandary; sorry Mark.

Mr. Daniel is the most enthusiastic supporter of the incumbent sheriff of Greene County, Mr. Steve Smith. He even did a cute little song (that was posted to the Facebook page on 10/23) asking voters to re-elect Sheriff Smith.

I am certain that I will not be the only person wondering why Mr. Daniel, after spending months harassing reminding his own committee that support of anyone other than the Republican nominee automatically removes them from membership … is now actively supporting a candidate … in opposition to a Republican nominee.

When the story was posted, Mr. Daniel tried to deflect. When that didn’t work, he decided to lie by saying the song was not for this (NOVEMBER 5) election and called me a liar. Screenshots of a part of that discussion will be uploaded by tomorrow. You can judge for yourself.

I can save you some time if you wish. Within the first 15 seconds of Daniels’s little “song,” he mentions support of Sheriff Smith on “Nov. 5” twice. Guess what? The only time Sheriff Smith has ever been on any ballot on November 5 … was this year.

But apparently, I was not the only person to see the clear violation of the RPV governing documents. Someone sent me a copy of this letter sent to Mr. Daniel this morning.


I ended the other story by asking if Mr. Daniel had sung his way out of the VAGOP.

Yes, he did. And the VAGOP followed the rules as stated in the Party Plan.

I do not know how the next episode of the apparent Mark Daniel, “I can get away with whatever I want,” manner of the non-governance show will play, but Karma is good, and in this case, gave me what I gave it … the truth. This story is still fluid and will be updated as new information becomes available.

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