ICYMI: Bearing Drift’s Weekend Roundup

It’s time to catch up with all the great Bearing Drift posts you may have missed so pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the weekend roundup.

Bearing Drift celebrated 15 years as a conservative voice in Virginia with a post from founder Jim Hoeft who looked back on the beginning and how far we have come.

Bearing Drift’s 15-Year Anniversary by Jim Hoeft

The Score: Kurds’ Way, Bursting Bubbles, Cold Snap, November 1963 by Rick Sincere

Planes, Trains, and Autocracy, op-ed by Michael Allers Jr.

VPAP Reports Record Voter Turnout for Off-Off Year Election by Lynn R. Mitchell

7 Things to Know About the Impeachment Hearings That Begin Today by Lynn R. Mitchell

DACA Offers a Telling Split Inside the Republican Party by Stephen Spiker

Amidst the Triumphs, Election Day Had Warnings for Virginia Democrats by D.J. McGuire

Making America Great Again by Steven Brodie Tucker

Veterans Day 2019: Thank You To Those Who Served America by Lynn R. Mitchell

Congress returned to the Hill after a week recess so the U.S. House agenda and committee activity schedules are posted on a daily basis as well as notifications of impeachment hearings.

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