ICYMI: Bearing Drift’s Weekend Roundup

It’s time to catch up with all the great Bearing Drift posts you may have missed so pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the weekend roundup.

The Score: Virginia Elections, Candidates Speak, Assessing Politics, Business Ethics, Gerald Baliles by Rick Sincere

Fact Check: No, Republicans did not out-vote Democrats in 2019 by Stephen Spiker

Nothing Changed Tuesday Night by Steven Brodie Tucker

Graham: Emmett Hanger, the Key to Getting Things Done For Us In Richmond, op-ed by Chris Graham

Allers: Virginia’s Blue-Da Ba Dee Da Ba Dye, op-ed by Michael Allers Jr.

Joe Morrissey Is Now the Biggest Player in Richmond by Norman Leahy

Election Statement From Virginia House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox

Election Reaction From Virginia Senate GOP Majority Leader

Shellacked: How the Virginia GOP Starts To Recover by Matt Walton

The Score: Special Edition for Election 2019 by Rick Sincere

Her First Time Voting by Kristina Nohe

Election Predictions From Bearing Drift Writers – Updated by Lynn R. Mitchell

As Virginia Election Season Draws to a Close, Beware the Mail by Norman Leahy

Will the GOP Hold the State Senate? by Lynn R. Mitchell

Retired New Kent Sheriff Wakie Howard to Write In Chris Peace by Andrea Epps

Interview: Veteran Jen Kiggans Runs for 7th State Senate District by Matt Hall

The Truth Hurts by Andrea Epps

Allers: Why the GOP Needs Their Own Squad, op-ed Michael Allers Jr.

End of Daylight Savings Time by Lynn R. Mitchell

A Look at Virginia House Rankings Going Into Election Day by Lynn R. Mitchell

The Score: Breaking Away, Kentucky Dinosaurs, Miss Virginia, Colombian Peace by Rick Sincere

It Only Takes a Second by Andrea Epps

Whoever Wins Virginia’s General Assembly Elections Will Soon Have to Finish Old Business by Norman Leahy

Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes and Texas BBQ Wager Rides on Final World Series Game – Updated by Lynn R. Mitchell

Former Virginia Governor Gerald Baliles (1940-2019) by Lynn R. Mitchell

Wason Center Polling is Terrible News for State Senate Republicans by D.J. McGuire

Congress returns to the Hill this week after a week recess so the U.S. House agenda and committee activity schedules are posted on a daily basis.

For all the latest posts all the time check out Bearing Drift’s Latest News.

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