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Nothing Changed Tuesday Night

While the Never Trumper Human Scum celebrate Tuesday night’s defeat as a validation of their condemnation of Trump’s nationalism and populism, and while Trump’s populists shove their heads further into the sand, testing the limits of figurative physics, the rest of us are merely reflecting upon how bad things actually are for the Republican Party of Virginia.

There are a million lessons to take away from Tuesday’s humiliating loss, but I think the most important lesson to learn is just how bad things are for Trumpublicans in 2020.

Democrats over-performed in the majority of their delegate and senatorial districts. Republicans are losing women, especially the ones with an education. Republicans are losing the middle class and suburbia. More people  in Virginia’s state-only elections Tuesday than at any time since 1976 so we can’t blame anyone for staying home. Turn out in 2020 is going to be yuge! And more people are turning out for the Democrats.

Who are the new voters that President Donald Trump is going to pick up in order to hold Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio? It won’t be young people. It won’t be women. It won’t be educated people. Which is bad, because if the student loan crisis is any indication of how many young people and women are getting college educations, these growing demographics won’t be good for the GOP.

Bearing Drift op-ed writer Michael Allers, Jr. already painted the perfect picture [1] as to why what happened, happened but what really interests me is whether or not the GOP is capable of learning anything from these results in the first place.

Let’s be honest, most of us are only learning the lessons we already thought we learned in 2016, or else we’re learning different lessons that confirm our previous biases.

Trump’s people aren’t worried after Tuesday. They’ve got Trump. Trump wins. It doesn’t matter how many educated smarty-pants crawl out from their swamps, their ivory towers, or their professional, experience-based jobs to tell the Deplorables that their Lord and Savior doesn’t stand a chance. They know that Trump will be victorious, and they can’t wait to watch the rest of us once again stare speechless and stupefied at our televisions as Trump wins another four years.

If Trump’s success means that Virginia goes to the Democrats, well that just means that Virginia isn’t worthy of the glories the Trump Administration will bestow in its next four years.

If the Republican Party opens its mouth and tries to admit that Tuesday night taught it something, it will only take a few Trump Tweets to shut the party up and put everyone back in line. After all, Republicans probably only lost Virginia because we haven’t embraced the President enough.

The only thing that changed Tuesday night was that Republicans are powerless in Virginia. Everything else remains the same. No one got smarter. No one learned anything. No strategy will change. No policies will be reformed. The lessons I mentioned above? That’s just me.

Taxes will go up though. Gun rights will be reduced. Freedoms will wane. But that’s okay. It’s still all about Trump and Trump is still our President.