Retired New Kent Sheriff Wakie Howard to Write In Chris Peace

As we have witnessed the process between Del. Peace and Scott Wyatt wind its way through every form of vile political gamesmanship, those of us who prefer proper process and adherence to the rules are grateful to everyone who has taken a stand for Peace.

The large network of individuals that has been formed out of a common desire for transparency will continue into the future. These fantastic people have worked very hard because they believe in right versus wrong. They believe in Delegate Peace, and they are not alone.

When I first moved to New Kent, everyone I spoke to told me how strong our community was, how helpful the people were, and how fortunate we were to have the best sheriff in the world. Sheriff Howard has now retired (and in his place, we have the equally wonderful Sheriff Joe McLaughlin) so I was indeed honored when he sent me this letter supporting our efforts to spread the word … to write-in Chris Peace tomorrow. I offer it to you now, with humble appreciation:

Why I will be writing in Chris Peace for Delegate on Tuesday Nov 5th….

It has been my pleasure to work with Chris both professionally (as Sheriff of New Kent County) and personally. We have, of course, not agreed on every issue but he has always been a gentleman and willing to listen to compromise. He has been an ardent supporter of the Virginia Sheriffs Association. He is always responsive to calls and has a close relationship with his constituents.

Chris has done so much for our county and the district over the years. Now it’s time for us to step up and work for him.

Join Me … write in our friend Chris Peace on Nov 5th.

F. W. (Wakie) Howard, Jr.


The 97th HOD Republican Citizens Write-In Revolution of 2019

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