Allers: Why the GOP Needs Their Own Squad

For every Injustice League wreaking havoc through Gotham or Metropolis, there is a Justice League to stop them. When the Sinister Six comes smashing up Broadway, Spiderman and his Amazing Friends swing in to save the day. The Avengers assemble against the Masters of Evil.

When The Squad swoops down on Washington, there is no Superman and the American Way. No Batman and his brains. No Iron Man and all his armor. No Spiderman and his spectacular self. Not even Cap. Nope, True Believers, to paraphrase the late great Stan Lee.

The New Left is the most radical evolution of the Democratic Party yet. This is not the party of JFK or RFK; hell, it’s not even the party of Bill Clinton. They go to the extreme on every level — purging legitimate, classically liberal talking points and any shred of reason.

Abortion on demand, up to nine months. Spending 90 trillion dollars to achieve a “Green New Deal” — a deal that will kill jobs like it will cows. The New Left does not support Israel and its right to exist.

And most importantly, the New Left is led by four sharp, cunning, media savvy, and attractive faces. They argue the GOP is the party of the past. This is not true, but the GOP needs to fight this charge better, and with force. We can’t be on the ropes, even for a second.

The GOP still struggles with the good old boy, wait-your-turn-in-line kind of thinking. We do not have an AOC — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D, NY) — who came out swinging at 28-year-olds and toppled an out of touch incumbent.

In our party, it is rare to buck an old, withered, term-limitless line-tower. We rarely bend our ear to the young. As a 27-year-old conservative millennial, I am met with looks of skepticism instead of open arms in local meetings I have attended throughout the years. Maybe it’s because the party just assumes all millennials are lost.

In 2018, The New York Times (well, yes, being a questionable source at times) in their exit polling found millennials voted for Democrats by a 30-point margin. Millennials are now the largest voting bloc in the country. The GOP seems to be writing them off at our own peril.

As the nation becomes more diverse, instead of running towards making an effort to embrace new voters of color, religion, or sexuality, the party runs away — again, at our own peril. We unwittingly give the Squad the attention they crave, we fall into their traps, and allow them to shape the narrative. They have the media on their side, and increasingly, the youth.

But not all is lost. According to a new study by Students for Life, only seven percent actually agree with the New Left and the Squad on abortion.

The New York Federal Reserve found that millennials are overwhelmingly fiscally conservative. On a local level here in Fairfax, we are bucking stereotypes by running a slate of Asian, Latinx, and women candidates.

This is certainly a place to start. Now the question is — what are we going to do about it? Will we invite new voices in? Lift up non-traditional ones? Staking the ropes to continue to squeeze more diverse, under-65 elephants into the tent? The New Left is about to have their hand on the Infinity Gauntlet. AOC is about to slip it on, anxious to snap.

What is our endgame?

Michael Allers Jr. is an educator, politico, and artist. He lives in Herndon.

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