Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes and Texas BBQ Wager Rides on Final World Series Game – Updated

It’s bipartisan politics at its best.

On Andrea Mitchell’s MSNBC show Wednesday, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine revealed a wager he and Texas Senator Ted Cruz have for the final World Series game.

What’s the bet?

  • If the Houston Astros win, Sen. Kaine will wear Astros gear and serve Chesapeake Bay crab cakes and Virginia Catoctin whiskey to Cruz’s staff.
  • If the Washington Nationals win, Sen. Cruz will wear Nationals gear and serve Texas BBQ and Shiner beer to Kaine’s staff.

See? Congress can work together in harmony. At least for sports.

The final World Series 2019 game is tonight in Houston.

UPDATE: Washington Nationals won the World Series Wednesday night in Houston so Sen. Kaine’s office will be dining on a Texas feast, compliments of Sen. Cruz. Congrats to the Nats … good series from both teams.