Elizabeth Warren SLAMS Virginia Democrats as ‘Cheaters’ Who Are ‘Stealing Elections’

Presidential 2020 Democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren stopped by Virginia this week and released a cheeky web video with the DLCC, about the upcoming 2019 General Assembly districts. In the video, Warren takes a hardline stance against gerrymandered districts calling it “nuts.” She then goes on to slam those who gerrymander as “cheaters” who aren’t interested in democracy, but instead are trying to “steal elections.”

Tough words, and undoubtedly the DLCC was surprised to see their guest absolutely lambaste Virginia Senate Democrats, who are responsible for the partisan gerrymander in the State Senate, just weeks before the election.

I guess sometimes it takes a political ally to be honest with you. Lord knows that Virginia Democrats have a problem with honesty, given how Ralph Northam and Mark Herring both enthusiastically voted for the 2011 gerrymandered lines then turned around and then lied about opposing them when celebrating the court re-drawing the lines to benefit Democrats.

Elizabeth Warren does point out how crazy some of the drawn districts are, so I decided to play the same game and describe what Democrats must’ve been thinking when they drew these districts:

Here’s a crazy district Democrats drew (SD-36) that combines Quantico and Mount Vernon, as one does, in the shape of someone having a bad hair day taking out the trash.

This one (SD-37) looks like a “W,” perhaps standing for “Warren,” or perhaps standing for “We gerrymandered this district to combine Republican precincts in Western Fairfax with Democratic precincts inside the beltway.”

Finally, we have SD-28, which is clearly drawn in the shape of hypocrisy, representing the two-faced hypocrisy of Democrats who gleefully benefit from partisan gerrymandering in Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, and other places when they are in power, but then treat it like the end of democracy if they’re not in control.

I never thought I’d find myself saying this, but follow Elizabeth Warren’s advice and vote against partisan gerrymanders by voting against every Senate Democrat this November.

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