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Latest Wason Center Poll: GOP May Be Facing Another Blue Wave Election

The future of Virginia Republicans doesn’t bode well with Democrats poised to take over the General Assembly, according to the latest Wason Center for Public Policy’s poll [1] out of Christopher Newport University. All 140 seats in the State Senate and House of Delegates are on the ballot in November.

The poll also indicates that President Donald Trump trails any 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.

“It’s clear that national politics are on the minds of Virginia voters this fall,” said Quentin Kidd, the Wason Center’s director. “Like or not, there’s no way for state legislative candidates to run in a vacuum — their national party brands influence their fortunes.”

A summary of the Wason Center’s key findings:

Dr. Kidd and Wason Center Assistant Director Rachel Bitecofer, who directed the survey, released the findings Monday morning. The survey included the most reliable, civically engaged voters including those who participate in the state legislative off-off year election cycles.

Will 2019’s election turn out to be another Blue Wave similar to what occurred in 2017 [2] when Virginia Republicans were caught entirely off guard with 15 flipped seats?

Read the entire poll results here [1].