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Take the 2019 Virginia Elephant Clan Preference Survey

Disclosure: This survey is not connected whatsoever to the RPV or any candidate.

RPV and a Theoretical View of a Coup D’état … The SURVEY!  It’s the 2019 VA Elephant Clan Preference Survey.

In Part 3 [1] of this series, I mentioned my desire to add a survey. It is important to have a solid understanding of your views. Without them the conclusions will be mine alone, and that would not be in keeping with the intention of the series to begin with.  This survey is simple and eight questions short. The survey is also anonymous. Please take the 1.5 minutes it will take to answer. I will share the results in Part 4.

This is the link to the 2019 Elephant Clan Survey. [2]

If anyone would like to have the reference material for nomination methods, it can be found on the RPV website here. [3] If you click on The Handbook for Methods of Nomination you can review the specifics.

Please share the survey with anyone you choose — the more the merrier. THANK YOU in advance.

Background: RPV and a Theoretical View of a Coup D’état – Does It Succeed or Fail? Part 1, [4] Part 2, [5]Part 3 [1].