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ICYMI: Bearing Drift’s Weekend Round-Up

It’s time to catch up with all the great Bearing Drift posts you may have missed so pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the weekend round-up.

The Names We Didn’t Hear on August 3 [1] by Kris Nohe

The Score: Biography Lessons [2] by Rick Sincere

Keep Up the Good Work, Congressman Riggleman. You Are Appreciated [3] by Andrea Epps

Part 3: RPV and a Theoretical View of a Coup D’état – Does It Succeed or Fail? [4] by Andrea Epps

The Fed Should Not Have Cut Interest Rates, So Let’s Hope They Don’t Do It Again [5] by D.J. McGuire

Disney World From the Viewpoint of a ‘Childless Couple’ [6] by Matt Hall

Powhatan GOP Chair Jean Gannon to Run for Republican National Committeewoman [7] by Matt Hall

Democrats and the Crisis of Revolt [8] by Shaun Kenney

Want to Beat Trump, Democrats? Start By Not Acting Like Him [9] by Brian Schoeneman

Apparent Insider Attack Kills Two U.S. Service Members in Afghanistan [10] by Lynn R. Mitchell

The Baltimore Sun’s Response to Trump’s Tweets [11] by Lynn R. Mitchell

How to Put Baltimore on the Road to Redemption [12] op-ed by Dennis Free

Virginia Sales Tax Holiday 2019 [13]: Press release from Gov. Ralph Northam

Too Much of a Good Thing; the Need For Age Limits for President and Justices [14] by Will Shewmake

Virginia Could Play a Role in Selecting the Democratic Nominee [15] by Steven Brodie Tucker

The Score: Market Urbanism, Senate Candidate, Moon Hoax, Conspiracy Theories [16] by Rick Sincere

How Vulnerable are Northam-won GOP Districts? [17] by Stephen Spiker

Here Lies the Budget Control Act; May It Rest in Peace [18] by D.J. McGuire

Virginia’s Heat Wave May Have Broken, But Its Politicians Are Burning Hotter Than Ever [19] by Norman Leahy

Mueller Testimony Should Pave Way to Impeachment Hearings [20] by D.J. McGuire and Matt Walton

Mr. Mueller Goes to Capitol Hill [21] by Lynn R. Mitchell

Two Die in Augusta County Crash, Governor’s Statement on Loss of Commissioner [22] by Lynn R. Mitchell

Back in the Homeschool Classroom: Summer Prep for the New School Year [23] by Lynn R. Mitchell

Congress is on summer recess so there is no U.S. House agenda and committee activity schedules for the month of August.

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