Identity Politics Isn’t Racism, But It’s Just As Bad

First, I want to preface everything that I’m about to say by recognizing that Democrats have been committed to identity politics for decades, if not centuries. One could argue, it’s all they know. In fact, over the last fifty years, they’ve been so committed to the identity politics of African Americans, Hispanics, women, Native Americans, and the LGBT(etc) community that they’ve managed to make many of their white, heterosexual, masculine members uncomfortable. They’ve made straight white males so uncomfortable that the idea, the very possibility, of Donald Trump as President became a reality.

The Democrats never saw white identity politics succeeding. They’d been so successful in bullying anyone that attempted it, that everyone just accepted that it wasn’t viable.

Donald Trump disagreed and demonstrated that white identity politics were as powerful as any of the other ones; and there are a lot of white people in this country.

The Democrats made their bed. Donald Trump happened. Now they’ve got to sleep in it. Toss and turn and throw fits as they like, they created Donald Trump. They manufactured the conditions of his ascension and popularity. I blame no one in this country for Donald Trump more than I blame the Democrats.

Nevertheless, as an individualist and as a real activist for equal rights under the law, I can tell you that I will never vote for a politician that campaigns on identity politics. Such politics divide Americans and turn them against one another. They have done more to harm American culture and politics than anything since slavery, which was the Democratic Party’s first go at identity politics in this country.

Those white Americans who’ve enjoyed finally being included in the game of identity politics; I understand. You were made to feel evil by years of identity politics that identified you as representing everything that was wrong in America. Then Donald Trump came and made you feel American again. He made you feel like you were good again. He made you feel like America wasn’t this awful, horrible, rotten place again.

But in doing so, he made you embrace the very worst that the Democratic Party has wrought over the years. He’s made you less than. He’s separated you from your heritage of Enlightenment, the Conservative tradition, and Liberty that burned through Western Civilization, upended and destroyed slavery, and established government of the people, by the people, and for the people. He’s made you bitter and he’s made you more racist. And not because you are racist. You aren’t. But because he’s made your racial identity important to you again and he’s made you more aware and suspicious of the racial identity of others.

The Democrats have no right to hate Donald Trump for the way he’s campaigned and governed. He’s campaigned and governed according to a playbook that they wrote and popularized.

But the rest of us, we do have a right to be upset, uncomfortable, and politically depressed.

If Donald Trump hired me to run his campaign in 2020, the campaign would be all about jobs and the fact that the United States is in fewer conflicts around the world than at any time in any of our lifetimes.

But that’s not the campaign we’re going to get. We’re going to get a Democratic candidate engaging in extreme identity politics and a President Trump that will meet those identity politics head on with his own.

Now, those of you who think this is great or even justified because the Republican Party won using it, you’ve planted the seeds of your own doom.

America will never be whiter than it is today. In a few short years we’ll be a majority, minority nation, and if identity politics don’t end now, they’ll govern us for generations under Democratic Party super majorities. The Enlightenment will die. Individualism will die. I’d wager things like capitalism and 500 years of conservative tradition will die too.

Those of you who feel as I do need to consider just how much identity politics you’re willing to stomach in the future. For me, I’m willing to stomach none of it. I will embrace a fanatical zero tolerance policy toward identity politics and it will drive my every vote.

I believe identity politics are an existential threat to freedom throughout the world and I could not live with myself if I did not make fighting it the cause of my lifetime. Fighting identity politics is the single most important thing I can do for the cause of liberty.

So all those Republicans currently thinking about voting for a Democrat in 2020 because you just can’t stand Trump; you’re hypocrites and dangerously so. You’re about to vote for someone steeped in the same flaws as the President that has made you so uncomfortable. Don’t do it. You will not further the conservative tradition by voting for a Democratic candidate. You will not end all the things that are wrong with Trump by embracing a party that invented them.

And to all those elected Republicans who think that you’ve got to embrace Trump’s identity politics in order to win as a Republican in 2019 and 2020; don’t do it. I won’t vote for you. You could be running against Karl Marx’ ghost and I will not vote for you.

Those of you who embraced Karl Rove’s identity politics, if you haven’t figured out that it’s a losing strategy in the long term, you’re idiots. It’ll just lead to more Trump. Karl, you’re just as much to blame as the Democrats are. Own it. Put this on your stupid white board: Identity Politics are antithetical to Conservatism!

As for me, count me out of all your clever campaigning, pitting Americans against one another because the polls tell you it’s the smart thing to do. Winning elections just doesn’t mean a damn thing to me if it means losing the heart and soul of what it means to be an American.

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