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Nothing Left but the Shouting

Tuesday’s special session for the Virginia General Assembly was another day of political theatre [1] in Richmond. Two items related to farmers and veterans were announced but not yet acted on. In the end there was nothing left but partisan shouting.

Missing in action: the characteristics of trust and mutual respect. Honor? Improving the everyday lives of Virginians? Today, sadly, most lost. Perhaps these characteristics were better exemplified by the Founders despite the numerous flaws of their time, i.e., the shameful institution of slavery. The Founders certainly had a better understanding of the limitations of basic human nature compared to today’s citizens.

You won’t find Scottish philosopher David Hume (1711-1776) on the New York Times best seller list or podcasts, but the Founders’ understanding shaped the bodies of our government during its infancy. Whereas, in the modern age, both political parties have become proficient in pulling them apart thread by thread for the sake of political expediency, irregardless of the consequences.

The Founders’ wisdom of morality, the nature of man, and the nature of government are stark contrasts to the landscape of today that is mired by corruption, moral relativism, and a false notion of progress. Clearly the nation needs to “reformulate” the values we endorse, and adopt a sense of prudence.