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I’m Back

I’m back.

If you didn’t notice, I slipped out the back door of Bearing Drift about seven weeks ago to work with my state senator, Emmett Hanger, on his victorious June 11 primary [1] campaign.

During my absence Melissa Kenney, who is Bearing Drift’s managing editor, took over the day-to-day operations, and I cannot thank her enough for the time and dedication she put into making sure the trains were on time. Thank you, Missy.

After winning the primary 57-43 percent, Emmett Hanger is the Republican nominee for the 24th Senate District going into November’s general election. It wasn’t my first rodeo with him but, like last time when we worked together [2], it was an honor to once again be part of the team. Congratulations to our Virginia gentleman for running an above-board campaign and working circles around the rest of us.

As to Bearing Drift … it’s good to be back.

Cover: Senator Emmett Hanger (R-24th District)