Primary Day, June 11: Open Thread

Today is Primary Day, and polls are open 6am-7pm. Not every locality will have a primary election.

For the Virginia State Senate, Republican voters in the 7th, 13th, 15th, 17th, and 24th districts have a primary. You can see the list of candidates here.

For the Virginia House of Delegates, Republican voters in the 4th, 5th, 20th, 23rd, 28th, 68th, and 96th districts have a primary. You can see the list of candidates here. 

There are also a handful of local Republican primaries in Bedford, Botetourt, Chesterfield, Fauquier, Hanover, Henrico, and Virginia Beach City.

We’ll keep you posted today with information, updates, predictions, and more.

7:12 am: Matt Hall makes his predictions

1. Emmett Hanger and Tina Freitas: could go either way but it will be close. Margin will be less than 5 points either way!

2. John Avoli wins that Staunton HOD District.

3. Wendell Walker wins big, like landslide 10 points big.

4. Will Wampler will win by 5.

5. Ruff has it in the 15.

6. Kiggans in the 7th.

7. Ron Meyer will win by less than 3 in NOVA.

8. Garrison Coward will win by more than 5!

9. And UPSET ALERT: RoxAnne Lane Christley will upset and win by at least 2 points. That Dan Casey article sealed the deal for the Roanoke County Board seat.

9:30am: Light turnout is being reported around the Commonwealth, which isn’t all that surprising.

4:15 Rick Sincere was voter number 254 at Georgetown Precinct in Albemarle County (out of about 3,200 registered). There was no line but three voters followed him at about 4:12 pm. The Venable Precinct in Charlottesville has had more than 65 voters today, which is a lot for a local election. Venable turnout is often in the single digits for primary elections.

7:00: Polls are closed

Board of Elections Republican Primary results here

VPAP Senate results here
VPAP House results here

8:00: Results so far

Senator Frank Ruff wins the 15th
Senator Bryce Reeves wins the 17th
Delegate Israel O’Quinn wins the 5th
Will Wampler wins the 4th (House)
John Avioli wins the 20th (House)
Wendell Walker wins the 23rd (House)
Amanda Batton wins the 96th (House)

8:10: More results
Senator Emmett Hanger wins the 24th
Paul Milde wins the 28th (House)
8:25:  Garrison Coward wins the 68th (House)
8:50: Jen Kiggans wins the 7th (Senate)
Geary Higgins wins the 13th (Senate)

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