Epps: Removed or Not Removed? That is the Question

What is the most effective way to remove an appointed member of a Legislative District Committee? Well, if you’re a member of the Hanover GOP. Just replace the chair.

I do not know Dale Taylor, and I give no opinion on her fitness as a chair. But to give her the boot for the sole reason of replacing Mike Reynold with a Wyatt-friendly LDC rep should be below the standards of party members and official

The Hanover County committee has tried to do just that. However, as I suspected, this is not a simple matter.

Regardless of which side you favor in the 97th Wyatt v. Peace battle, I think all involved should act in a manner that is worthy of the office that represents the citizens of the 97th Legislative District. In this latest example of “strategy” if one can call it that, I present the following for your consideration. Judge for yourself:

A letter by Delegate Peace’s attorney to the Hanover committee that was sent before the meeting last night can be found here.

A response was sent by Supervisor Wyatt’s attorney and it can be found here..

Ms. Taylor requested the opinion of the RPV General Counsel, Chris Marston, on the question (from the letter): “On May 23, you requested a ruling or interpretation regarding the Party Plan’s provisions relating to removal of chairmen particularly those regarding notice and the requirement for signatures.” His ruling can be found here.

I never had a doubt Mr. Marston would render a ruling using the RPV Plan of Organization, and remain objective and fair, and he did. Now should the Hanover committee or Wyatt…or even Peace disagree with Mr. Marston’s ruling, they can appeal it to the Appeals Committee or the SCC.

However, I will leave the question of whether or not Ms. Taylor was actually removed as chair of the Hanover Unit last night unanswered for now, as my opinion on the question is not relevant.

Judge for yourself.

Andrea M. Epps is a part-time land use consultant, full-time mother and observer of society 

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