Epps: Elephants, RINOs, and Donkeys All Need a Gut Check

By Andrea M. Epps

All right…so I understand the competitive spirit and why some individuals might be intimidated by what Matt Hall’s post said. However, in trying to defend the “we are the only enlightened ones in this hemisphere” culture over at that other place, there are many who are nurturing and promoting a level of hatred that is seriously dangerous.

This entire Peace Wyatt situation has been one big cluster… fornication, a situation that could have been avoided altogether had Wyatt not tried to rig the nomination process to begin with. In my opinion, he should have been booted out of the party for violating the Party plan. Then you add in Tom Miller, who did his level best to run several LDC meetings into the ground.

What are you left with?

The LDC that felt it necessary to hold a canvass instead, and cancelled the convention in such a manner, and at such a time, that it left the LDC open to “rigging” attacks of its own.

Fine. It’s 1-1 now. If Wyatt or Peace doesn’t like something, let the appeal process do its job.


Oh, hell no. Now we need to remove Jack Wilson from a thankless, volunteer position for stating the obvious. He should resign sticking up for himself and speaking about Party business? No. He acknowledges the outcome of the LDC meeting, and somehow he is a RINO? Please. It reeks of a jealously I won’t pretend to understand. And when Matt calls it for what it is, it’s “the establishment has struck again”! I’m going to start calling it “The Empire Strikes Back”!

Anyway…2-2 now…Fine… right?

Oh, hell no. Now the readers are left to contemplatively stew over whom they think has suffered the most injustice. The race to the bottom of the hatred bowl is on!


Only, it’s really not fine at all. When someone believes the GOP is in bed with liberals trying to protect…wait for it…

Oh, my. We’re reaching a point where the adults in the room had better step up, or we’re in trouble.

First of all, neither the Elephant Clan nor the Donkey Clan is evil. There are Republicans and Democrats that love our great nation. There are Republicans and Democrats that defend our great nation together. There are Republicans and Democrats that are, at this moment, together in danger protecting our right to sit on our laptops and share our opinions.

I wonder what my grandfather would think if he could see the level of hatred and mistrust that we champion every day. I wonder what he would say if he could see the manner in which we now choose to exercise those rights.

The many, many, people who have fought and died for our right to foster and encourage hatred of each other based on a political party? Someone else’s idea of what is good and what is evil.

Well, I know what he would say. He would, in no gentle way, remind me that each of the precious rights we enjoy come with responsibility. We have a responsibility for each other; responsibility in our actions and interactions with others.

If he were alive today, he would say “What the hell is wrong with these people? The enemy is not your neighbor.”

Responsibility is the duty of care that we owe to the freedoms we enjoy. In the past 20 years, we have been seriously shirking those responsibilities. The result of our collective lack of responsibility has led to the social climate we are now forced to endure. 20 years ago, no one thought about a Made for TV President that would promote division and
encourage us to hate each other.

I can understand the celebrity coma some folks have fallen into, but we have a responsibility to end it. The enemy is not your neighbor…or your fellow Republican.

Andrea M. Epps is a part-time land use consultant, full-time mother and observer of society 

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